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Repurposed Solutions That Keep Your Accessories Organized

Like so many of us I am always excited to discover a better way of organizing my things and when I can re-purpose something while doing so, it’s all the sweeter!! Here are a few creative ideas that came to me when I was doing a bedroom make-over.

#1 Reused CD Tower for High-rise Shoe Rack

CD Tower Turned High-rise Shoe Rack

 I was so happy to have found a new purpose for something old and while doing so, solved my problem of limited closet space. Now I can store 8 pairs of shoes while taking up only a minimal 7” X 7” square of prime closet floor space. and it could easily be spray painted if you wanted a certain color. This would be great for families with several kids at home – three or more of these could be lined up by the back door and each child could keep their shoes neat and organized; no more digging in the closet or the shoe box finding long-lost running shoes and sandals, forgotten or outgrown. And…… you can find them for a few dollars at garage sales and Thrift Stores.

#2 Bottled Bracelets

This bottle from the dollar store originally caught my eye because of the color. I thought I might incorporate in the bedroom of the same robin egg blue.  As it happened, after I finished decorating and got to reorganizing my accessories, it struck me that it would be a great place to keep my stretchy bracelets. Pretty and Convenient!

Reused Vase Bracelet Holder How to Organize Accessories on Starr's Creative Craft & DIY Blog on WordPress

#3 Key Holder Necklace Hanger

Key Holder Necklace Hanger – This is convenient, affordable solution to tangled necklaces in the cluttered jewellery box dilemma! These key holders can be purchased at most stores that sell hardware items and can be easily screwed to the wall.


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