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8 DIY Patio Accents That Will Make You Say “I Want!”

Are you dreaming of that beautiful outdoor space? No money? No time? No DIY Experience? No Problem! Anyone can create beautiful, unique and functional patio accents like these on even the tightest budget. Start searching for your treasures in the basement, the relative’s attic, thrift stores or garage sales and turn something old into something beautiful and new!

DIY Outdoor Repurposed Decor Projects

#1 CD Rack Turned High-Rise Herb Garden
This CD rack was a great deal at $8.00 at the thrift store. It’s unique and stylish design lends itself to a variety of possibilities but I chose to make it into a herb garden when I found these perfect little herb boxes and mixed herbs at a season end sale. You could also use it for a tomatoes plant or insert several small flower pots. For those of you who missed my Organizing Accessories Blog – CD racks also make great flip-flop holders!

CD Rack Herb Garden

#2 Re-purpose Old Character Chair into Flower Pot Stand
This great accent chair was $10.00 at a garage sale.  It’s aluminum so its strong but surprisingly light.  It would be easy to re-paint it.  Add a beautiful pot of flowers and you have instant charm and a splash of color. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Repurposed Chair For Flower Pot Stand

#3 Re-purpose Old Speaker Stands and Bar Stools Into Patio Table/Bar
I was given an old pair of speaker stands and felt certain I could find some way to re-purpose them. They were a dull grey color and slightly scratched but it was apparent they would make ideal legs for a table.  I spray painted them black and painted an unused piece of wood a vibrant blue.  I also re-covered some old bar stools (just remove seat, stretch fabric over and staple with a staple gun) with some left over,  bright green fabric (spray with water proofing) and was able to create additional seating and table space that is colorful, functional and perfect for a small patio or deck.


#4 Funky Bird Cage Candle Holder Makes Beautiful and Unique Planter
The $2.00 funky bird-cage candle holder was a great find at a garage sale.  I love the whimsical  crystals and how they reflect the sun. There are all sorts of neat little things like this that people no longer use so go on a treasure hunt and have fun finding what speaks to you,  then give it a new purpose and change things up.

Repurposed candle holder into plant stand

#5 Vase and Plate Patio Side Table or Plant Stand
This vase and plate were great finds at the thrift store for $7.00  The plate has lovely textured  design but is still smooth enough to be used for  a table top and the sturdy, blue vase makes a perfect  base and it’s just the right height for an end table.  I glued the plate onto to the vase with glass adhesive and it makes an ideal side table for guest to put their drinks – a great solution particularly if you have limited space. This could also be used as a flower-pot stand as well.


#6 Martini and Wine Glass Candle Holders
The thrift stores are always over flowing with wine glasses of every shape, size and color and for under $5.00 you can purchase a number of them to add that special ambiance to your patio party. Try filling them with  a few colored decorative glass marbles available at any dollar or craft store so when you add the candles you get warm, shimmering reflections.


#7 Patio Wall Embellishments
A wall is a wall, inside or out; so why not make creative use of the space by incorporating additional patio accents. This metal candle holder was $2.00 at a local garage sale  – it not only looks great but it’s functional too, just add a citronella candle and say good-bye to pesky mosquito’s while you relax outdoors.


#8 Repainted Coffee Table
If you have an old coffee or end table kicking around, why not give it a fresh coat of paint and a clear coat for weather protection and you have a new addition to your patio set.  This table was originally a pine color that I painted  grey before adding a  second coat of blue on top. Before the blue paint was dry, I used a foam stamp to create a Mediterranean design the stamp removes some of the blue paint so that a bit of the grey  shows through

Repainted Coffee Table for Patio

Bonus – Vase and Plate Bird Bath
This is such a beautiful piece it was a star in its own blog. This dazzling vase was the perfect height for a bird bath. I also had the great luck of finding a large purple serving plate that was perfect so for $12.00 these two pieces were a great find at the thrift store. I flipped the vase upside down and using glass adhesive available in any hardware department and glued the vase and bowl together. This could be made with any variety of vases and plates so see what you can come up with and enjoy the birds!

DIY Bird Bath from vase and bowl

For under $50.00 you can do a creative patio make-over that’s unique to you and it’s not just good for your pocket-book; re-purposing is good for the environment too, so unleash your inner creativity and give it a try!



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