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DIY Barbie Bath Towel Collection Tutorial

I’ve had a number of requests to share some Barbie DIY projects that are easy enough for kids or moms and grandmas to make with their little Barbie enthusiast even if they have no experience crafting.

Series 7-1 Bath Towel Set
DIY No Sew Towel Set for Barbie Doll made with baby face clothes and ribbon. Tiny glitter bottles make perfect Barbie Doll shampoo and conditioner accessories. DIY Barbie Doll Towel Set. Easy to make Barbie Doll accessories. #barbiedoll #towels #DIY #Upcycle #Repurpose #Reuse #Toys

DIY No Sew Towel Set for Barbie Doll made with baby face clothes and ribbon. Tiny glitter bottles make perfect Barbie Doll shampoo and conditioner accessories.This fun, easy and affordable project is sure to please and would also work great for a Barbie themed birthday party activity.

Barbie Bath Towels Made From Baby Wash Clothes

As always I’m on the look out for that special something I can re-purpose into  something new and the dollar store is always a great place to be inspired.  Inexpensive baby face clothes are available in a variety of vibrant colors and a perfect size!

Barbie Towel Collection DIY Barbie Doll Towel Set. Easy to make Barbie Doll accessories. #barbiedoll #towels #DIY #Upcycle #Repurpose #Reuse #Toys
Barbie Doll Designer Towel Set

Supply List (Dollar or Craft Store)
– Package of Baby face clothes
– Nail art glitter bottles or colored straws
– Tacky or clear fabric glue
– Ribbon or trim accent

What you need
Optional Methods
– Since we are keeping things simple enough for kids or those who may not have sewing experience, I will be describing how to make it using tacky or white glue but of course this project can be sewn, hand stitched or you can also use 2-sided adhesives like Heat n Bond or Wonder Under that glues the fabric together (visit your sewing store to learn more).

Step One: When you buy baby face clothes they are almost always rolled up like a blanket. When you unroll them they are the almost the perfect Barbie blanket size so this is a super easy and fun project for little Barbie enthusiasts.
Lay the face cloth out with the folder flap side facing up. Play around here a bit until you have the width of the towel you like – you may want to overlap flaps a bit more and make it narrower depending on the face cloth or doll size. Add a bit of glue to the under side of each flap. Do not put too much glue on! If you are using glue make sure to use it sparingly and spread it out thin or it will dry and cause the towel  to be too lumpy and rigid   Use a small paint brush or your finger tip to apply a thin coverage , just enough to make it tacky but not all sticky, you should barely be able to see the glue. Then press each flap down. It’s a good idea to place a heavy book or something on it and give it 10 minutes to dry. If you don’t want it attached and would rather just be able to open it up and use it as a bath towel – that works just fine too! The reason I like it attached is you can lay it out and it makes a great Barbie Beach Towel and its easy for Barbie to hang over her arm, fold up or hang on a towel rack but given there are usually 4 clothes per package – you can do both!

DIY Barbie Towel Collection Set
DIY Barbie Towel Collection Set

Step Two:  Well now its time to be your own towel set designer!  If you don’t want to add ribbon, you could decorate your towel by making a swirling design with glitter glue, or glue on some sparkling jewels from the dollar store craft section; or maybe try decorating with fabric paint – it’s up to you! To add a ribbon or embellishment measure it out to be two times as long as the shorter end of the towel. Apply glue sparingly to the back side of the ribbon making sure there are no blobs of glue and that it has been spread and applied thinly. If you don’t have a paint brush you can use your finger tips. Place the good side of the towel down in the middle of the ribbon that is glue side up. (See diagram below)  Now bend the remaining sides of the ribbon over the back of the cloth so they meet in the middle and you’re done – now to add the extra’s in step 3 & 4 and you almost have finished designing your first designer towel collection!

Adding ribbon to your Barbie towel
Adding ribbon to your Barbie towel

Step Three: To make a matching face cloth and hand towel set just cut, fold and glue tiny pieces to the right size; the face cloth being a little smaller than the hand towel of course. If you like, you can place the face cloth on the hand towel and wrap with a little ribbon. Add this to your bath towel and Barbie is ready for the spa, a hot bath or even the beach! Most baby face clothes come in a package of 3 or 4 with a number of colors and some with patterns so you can mix and match.


Step Four: The shampoo bottles are miniature nail art glitter containers I found at the dollar store. While they don’t look exactly like an actual shampoo container they will love them just the same and maybe even more! They are a good size, colorful and a fun addition to complete the set and for a dollar you get a package full so there is enough for several towel sets. An option to this would be to cut off  a piece (1/2 inch or less) of a few different colored plastic straws and if you want to get fancy, glue a small bead on the top of each one like a lid. These don’t have to be shampoo and conditioner – with a bit of imagination they can as easily become a bottle of suntan lotion or a jar of bath salts. Do not include these in your project if it is for small children – best safe than sorry with small objects.


I hope you give it a try – I look forward to doing more beginner Barbie craft projects for those of you just starting out.

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