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Easy DIY Pac-Man Waffles

Who doesn’t love Pac-Man? Now a whole new generation is being introduced to Pac-Man in a whole new way in the moviPixels. My grandsons love these, they make them in the waffle maker and just remove 1/4 section and  you have a Pac-Man waffle!

How To Pac-Man Waffle Sandwich Supreme #pacman #waffle #breakfast #kids #funfood
Fans, new and old will enjoy this delicious, fun and easy to prepare breakfast idea. This Pac-Man waffle has gobbled up eggs, cheese and bacon but fortunately succumbed to pure Canadian maple syrup and is now facing his maker. Simply remove 1/4 of your waffle (or pancake) 3 waffles will make two double sided sandwich and fill them with your own personal favorites. Great way to get to those little ones gobbling up some breakfast and your not so little one will love it too!

How To Pac-Man Waffle Sandwich Supreme #pacman #waffle #breakfast #kids #funfood

Pac Man

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