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EASY DIY Christmas Candy Cane Soap & Holder Tutorial

This easy to make candy cane soap & candy can soap holder is a great hit at Christmas!Made with softened Dove soap bars and crushed candy-canes, this is a super simple, fast and affordable and best of all your hands will thanks-you because it feels amazing on the skin. The crushed candy cane is the perfect emulsifier and mixed in with the Dove it just rinses away. There is no sticky residue at all – you have to try this and see for yourself!

Gift Idea Christmas Easy DIY Soap and Candy Cane Soap Holder #Christmas #soap #craft #candycane #easy #DIY #soapholder

What You Need
A shallow rectangular pan – minimum depth ½”  6″ x 9″ works good or individual small pans
6 bars of white hand soap (base for soap)
Candy canes (3 canes per soap stand) and extra’s to crush up
No stick cooking spray
Red Food Coloring
Plastic Wrap
Ribbon & Bows or Decorative Accent to put on Ribbon (to decorate soap bars)
Round Christmas mints (for top of soap holder)
Glue gun

Step One – Prepare your ingredients.

Lightly spray your pan or use plastic wrap to cover the bottom and edges of the pan to prevent soap from sticking.

Put a handful of candy canes into a baggie and crush. You want finely crushed little pieces, not crushed so much it’s all powder but crushed enough there aren’t large chunks.

Candy Cane Crush
Cut up soap bars into 6 to 8 chunks each

Step Two – Making The Soap

Using a deep plastic or glass bowl – place 5 or 6 chunks of soap in the bowl and place in the microwave on high for 1 minute. The soap will inflate like candy floss as it heats – when it has expanded over the top of the bowl, remove it.

Next, add in a few tablespoons of candy cane and few generous squirts of red food coloring and mix.

Mix it up
Quickly scoop it out and press it down into one end of the pan until it is ½” thick. Repeat – the process until the pan is filled. It is important to press it down firmly into the pan. Don’t try to put a thin layer across the entire pan and then add to it to make it thicker – it works best to add 1/2” thick section by section. When the pan is full of soap that is ½’ thick – leave it for 10 minutes until soap is hardened again. Use a knife to separate the soap from the side of the pan and flip the pan over to remove the soap.  If you used individual pans just pop them out.

IMG_1204 - Copy

Cut soap into bars approximately 1.5”x 3.5 x .5”. If you have made the bars too thick to just slice some off – they need to be narrow enough to fit into the curve of the candy-cane soap holder. Wrap each bar in saranwrap and add some ribbon.

Christmas Easy DIY Soap Bars #Christmas #soap #craft #candycane #easy #DIY #soapholder #handmade.jpgb

soap slices|Christmas Easy DIY Soap and Candy Cane Soap Holder #Christmas #soap #craft #candycane #easy #DIY #soapholder #celebration

Step Three – Making A Soap Holder
Take 3 candy canes (do not remove plastic wrap on the candy canes) – depending on the size of the candy-cane cut off the bottom so that the height of each candy cane is approximately 5”. Keep the pieces you cut off. Place the pieces in a tripod shape with the curved part on the bottom. Make sure the curved part of the candy canes are turned outwards – the front two balanced so that the soap can slide in. Glue all three together at the top with hot glue and then place a Christmas candy or decoration on top to hide the glue.

Christmas Easy DIY Soap and Candy Cane Soap Holder #Christmas #soap #craft #candycane #easy #DIY #soapholder #handmade

Next glue one of the pieces you cut off as a support bar between the front two candy canes – you may have to cut it to the right size (about ¾ of an inch) and then glue a longer piece from the back candy cane to the center of the support bar (approx. 2 inches). Remember to leave the plastic wrap on the candy canes.

Christmas Easy DIY Soap Bars and Candy Cane Soap Holder Side View #Christmas #soap #craft #candycane #easy #DIY #soapholder #handmade.jpgb
Wait until you try this soap – you and those you share it with will love it! The candy can pieces create a gentle exfoliate that melts instantly away leaving your skin tingling and  silky smooth.

Christmas Easy DIY Soap and Candy Cane Soap Holder #Christmas #soap #craft #candycane #easy #DIY #soapholder #holiday
Christmas Easy DIY Soap Bars and Candy Cane Soap Holder #Christmas #soap #craft #candycane #easy #DIY #soapholder #handmade #sock stuffer #tutorial
Merry Christmas HO HO HO

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