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6 Easy & Affordable Decorating Solutions That Really Work!

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Guest Blogger Jessica Kane from ECOS Paints. Jessica is professional writer with an interest in interior design and home decor. If you have a new space or an old space that needs a new look, Jessica shares some key considerations and creative decorating solutions that are beautiful, easy and affordable.

Are you a new homeowner? Did you just move into a bare apartment? Are you looking for creative ways to infuse your new or existing space with your own unique style? If you answered “yes,” you’re not alone. It’s a very human desire to want to take a place and make it your own, to inflect a boring space with a spark of your personality. If you’re ready to take on room decoration in your home or apartment, then read our guide of five tips to consider. You’ll have fun and learn a few design principles that will keep on giving back to you as you move from room to room.

6 Easy Affordable Decorating Solutions That Really Work jessica-kane-collection #affordable #decorating #home #solutions #jessica_kane

Tip #1: Use What You Have
Decorating a room does not mean you need to run out and buy all new furnishings. Sometimes it does. But most of the time, we all have accrued enough decorator items and pieces of furniture to get us by. What we need sometimes is a different look for the room – and you actually can achieve that by simply moving your junk around. So enlist a friend to help you move that living room couch to a different wall. Hang photos in a different area. Arrange plants and books on your bookshelves or tables in new ways. Look at a room in a different way, and you’ll begin to envision a new space.

6 Easy Affordable Decorating Solutions That Really Work jessica-kane-collection #affordable #decorating #home #solutions #jessica_kane

Tip #2: Replace Old Pillows
Want to add instant newness and style to your old couch? You can do this simply by replacing the pillows. Buy a few new decorator pillows, and add them to your couch. You’ll not only cover up unsightly stains, but you’ll draw the focus of the eye to those colorful decorator pillows. This is one of the easiest and economical ways to dress up a room.

6 Easy Affordable Decorating Solutions That Really Work jessica-kane-collection #affordable #decorating #home #solutions #jessica_kane

Tip #3: Hang Curtain Rods High
In decorating, we’re always trying to fool the eye – and nothing is truer than in the case of curtain-rod-hanging. If you want to create the illusion of 10-foot-ceilings, then hang your curtain rods as close to the ceiling as possible. It’s Okay if the rods are inches above the window trim. The curtains will look gorgeous as they fall and flow, and everyone who enters your room will think you’re ceilings are taller than they actually are.


Tip #4: Add Live Greenery
Get the feel of the outside on the inside by decorating with plants. Now, plants do require a little maintenance, so if you’re not a gold-star green thumb, you’ll want to consider purchasing plants that require little water – such as gorgeous, green succulents that can withstand arid temperatures. Place small plants on coffee and side tables. Add a potted tree as an accent piece. Not only do plants make your living areas a healthier place by cleaning the air, but they naturally produce positive psychological benefits of greening your space and creating a place of peace and tranquility.

6 Easy Affordable Decorating Solutions That Really Work jessica-kane-collection #affordable #decorating #home #solutions #jessica_kane

Tip #5: Throw Down
Want an easy way to give instant style to a room? Thrown down a new rug. You can turn a neutral room into a modern one just with your choice of a new rug. Use free online websites to create the look you’re going for and to try to envision what different styles of rugs might look like in your room.

6 Easy Affordable Decorating Solutions That Really Work jessica-kane-collection #affordable #decorating #home #solutions #jessica_kane

Bonus Tip #6: Set a Budget
This probably is step number one in the process of decorating a room. Truly, it is best to set a budget for your home decorating. You don’t want to fall in love with a piece (or several pieces) and realize you can’t afford it or go into debt trying to buy it. At the end of the day, home decorating can be really expensive, so you’ll want to know what you’re getting yourself into before you start. Set wisely, choose wisely, spend wisely. You want to feel good at the end of the day when you walk into that gorgeous, newly-decorated room!

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