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5 Must Read Tips If You’re Hosting Mother’s Day Brunch

By Starr Durrant

Are you hosting a Mother’s Day brunch this year? If so, make it spectacular with these special touches and helpful suggestions.

1 –  Fresh Flowers for Your Centerpiece
No matter what flowers you choose, they will be the centerpiece of your beautiful table setting so definitely a worthwhile investment. Also have an additional vase ready in case your guests bring flowers as a hostess gift. For idea’s on unique ways to display cut flowers visit “Inspired Ideas For Fresh Cut Flowers: Thinking Outside of the Vase”

Photo by khongkitwiriyachan

2 –  Display Your Napkins in a Unique and Appealing Way

If you are using linen napkins there are all sorts of fun ways to fold them into beautiful designs. I love this idea of adding a string of pearls or adding some flower or ribbon. For more great ideas visit Buzz Feed’s “28 Creative Napkin-Folding Techniques” by Peggy Wang


Photo7 by Apolonia

3 – Shine Up The Cutlery, Crystal and Glassware

It only takes a few minutes to make sure your silverware and glassware are spot free and it’s the things your guests don’t see that matter as much as what they do. 3V Venosta has a great visual guide How To Set The Table” if you want to make sure you have your silverware and glassware properly set out.


Photo3 by khongkitwiriyachan
4 – Be Creative With Your Presentation
Not everything has to be served on a plate. It’s always fun to serve family favorites in a new way and sometimes just changing how or what you serve it in can make all the difference.

Photo5 by Apolonia

5 – Coffee & Dessert – Do You Have What You Need?

Nothing worse than serving that dessert you’ve worked so hard on and realizing you’re out of cream for the coffee! Plan ahead and make sure your coffee and tea supplies are on hand including sugar and cream.

Photo3 by Apolonia

I’m confident these suggestions will help you ensure success and you can be certain your guests will appreciate the efforts you’ve put into to all the special touches and details!


Photo’s courtesy of  khongkitwiriyachan and Apolonia at

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