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How To Create A “Naturally” Beautiful Space

The best way to create a “naturally” beautiful space is to incorporate natural elements. Here are 12 ways you can bring a bit of the outdoors in. Remember; nature’s palette is diverse so natural decor does not have to be limited to neutral tones.

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#1 Rock – The opportunities to incorporate rock in your decor are unlimited offering everything from feature walls, fireplaces, rock climbing walls, granite counter tops to smaller accents like stone carvings and art. If you want to keep it simple; consider putting a few interesting rocks on a shelf, you’ll be amazed at how many of your guests will be drawn to them.


Stone Fireplace How To Create A “Naturally” Beautiful Space #homedecorating #decor #interiordecorating #DIYdecorating #wood #water #brick #stone #fire #natural #neutral #decoratingtips #tipsandtricks

#2 Leather – Leather furniture is a great way to enhance your natural decor and you can find every style, color and price range imaginable. You can use leather for your main living room seating or just add an accent chair. Sometime darker  leather can make a space feel heavy so add some colored cushions to brighten things up. If you aren’t a fan of leather furniture, consider putting some leather books on a shelf or get funky and pile up some old leather suitcases for an end table.

Leather Sofa  Stone Fireplace How To Create A “Naturally” Beautiful Space #homedecorating #decor #interiordecorating #DIYdecorating #wood #water #brick #stone #fire #natural #neutral #decoratingtips #tipsandtricks

#3 Wood  – Whether its wood flooring, walls, furniture, shelving or accents; wood is a must have element in natural decor design. The options of how and where to incorporate wood are varied but it always says welcome home in the  warmest  of ways.

Wood How To Create A “Naturally” Beautiful Space
#4 Metal
– Metals  can be a great natural addition to your home decor and furniture and decor accents can range from whimsical to ultra modern. Try to select elements that enhance rather than dominate the space or you can end up with a room that feels more industrial than natural – like a good marriage, it`s all about balance and team work.

Metal How To Create A “Naturally” Beautiful Space
#5 Natural Light –
There is nothing quite like natural light to brighten up a room and one’s spirits along with it. Try to position  your furniture to make the best use of the light coming in taking in to considerations you seating in relation to it – do you want the sunshine directly on your desk or favorite chair or would you prefer it less direct on these pieces of furniture?  If you have limited windows, installing sky lights is a great option but expense – an alternative is to use mirrors to reflect  the light you have back into the room.

Natural Light How To Create A “Naturally” Beautiful Space

#6 Plants – Try including a few well placed and well-loved plants in your living or dining room. Healthy plants, assuming they don’t overtake a space, are always a winning way to brighten up the room or add some fresh-cut flowers!

Plants How To Create A “Naturally” Beautiful Space

#7 Fabric & Textiles – Wool, silk, cotton, linen, hemp and cashmere are just a few examples of ways to add natural  textures and if you prefer, color to a room. Whether it is a throw blankets, cushions, furniture fabric, window coverings or a table-cloth; this is your opportunity to make the space your own with personal touches.

Fabrics and Table Settings How To Create A “Naturally” Beautiful Space

#8 Glass If you are seeking  to expand the illusion of more space,  then consider incorporating a glass or mirrored dinning or coffee table. (If it you want it to be child friendly this might not be the best option) An alternative to glass/mirror furnishing (which can be a bit of a chore keeping clean) is to incorporate glass accents like a vase, candle holder or light fixture.

Glass How To Create A “Naturally” Beautiful Space
#9 Brick –
  Who doesn’t love a brick accent wall? There are so many brick options available so you can easily find what that speaks to you. There are brick faux options that are affordable and easy to install but which ever brick you choose it always creates a  relaxing ambiance.

Brick Accent Wall How To Create A “Naturally” Beautiful Space

#10 Fire – Fire is a sensual, warm and inviting natural decor element and maybe the most beautiful of all when framed in a stone fireplace. If a fireplace isn’t for you then candles are your answer.

Candle and Fireplace How To Create A “Naturally” Beautiful Space

#11 Water – Not everyone can have a pool, create a water fall accent wall or incorporate a fountain in their design but consider a fish bowl or aquarium as an eye-catching way to incorporate water into your decor. If you want a low maintenance options use a large clear glass vase for your fresh-cut flowers.

Aquarium Water Element How To Create A “Naturally” Beautiful Space

#12 Sea shells  – Sea shells are a beautiful and unique natural decor elements with exquisite colors, textures and shapes. Simply add a few shells to a basket, tray or on a shelf for display.

Sea Shells How To Create A “Naturally” Beautiful Space

Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to find ways of bringing the outdoors in and creating a “naturally” beautiful space that will make you and your guest feel welcome and relaxed.

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I love this bathroom. It incorporates so many of the elements; large mirrors, natural light, terracotta and plant, stone tile, and a brick accent wall – not to mention the view!

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  1. Hi, your post is very useful. The rock decor you mentioned here looks really nice and classy. Also, the natural light is so much effective as I feel it is very much required. The alternative given by you; the use of mirrors for lack of windows is good too. I am going to include plants in my space as well. Thank you !!

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