Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Mom’s in Senior’s Care

When you have a mother in senior living, you know that space is typically a premium. After a life time of gathering belongings, senior’s who have transitioned to a senior’s living, lodge or nursing home have already faced the hurdle of down sizing. Gifts that involve your time, gifts that are useful, and gifts that don’t take up space are thoughtful ways to show your mom how much you care on Mother’s Day. Depending on the circumstances; your mom might not be able or willing to get out as much for the traditional brunch or mother’s day activities so here are some ideas that work with changing needs.

Make her favorite tea Mother's Day Gifts for Moms in Senior Living #mothersday #gift #senior #seniorliving
#1 Make a batch of your favorite cookies your mom used to make for you. Let her know that you’re carrying on a great tradition

Heart Cookies for Mothers Day with Pink Rose #mothersday #cookies #gifts


#2 If your mom has a pet – how about buying her furry friend a new bow to brighten up her day. I just love the pink checkered bow!

Pet Bow 10 Great Mother's Day Gifts for Mom's in Senior Living #mothersday #gifts #seniors #cookies #cat #bow

#3 Lilacs are always a wonderful way to fill a room with a beautiful scent. I don’t know about you but my mom loves lilacs and a small bouquet won’t take up much space.

Lilacs - Mother's Day Gifts for Mom's in Senior Living #lilacs #mothersday #gifts #seniors #cookies

#4  A soak in scented warm water and a gentle foot massage or pedicure is always appreciated. If she’s not up to going out, how about giving her a foot soak with nice oils and putting on her favorite color of nail polish.

Pedicure - Mother's Day Gifts for Mom's in Senior Living #pedicure #mothersday #gift #senior #seniorshome

#5 Lavender sachet are a great way to bring summer scents indoors and she can tuck them away in her dresser. They are useful, pretty and don’t take up counter space.

Lavender Sachet - Mother's Day Gifts for Mom's in Senior Living #lavendar #sachet #mothersday #gifts #seniors

#6 A new sun hat is always a hit and useful on those sunny days and if the weather is cooperating, a nice walk out in the fresh air (or even a sit on the patio) is always a perfect way to spend time together.

Sun Hat -Mother's Day Gifts for Mom's in Senior Living #sunhat #mothersday #gifts #seniors

#7 A fresh fruit and berries plate makes a great gift. I love the presentation with the cut out hearts filled with berries.

Beautiful Fruit Plate with Hearts for Moms in Senior Living #mothersday #gift #senior #seniorshome #fruitbowl


#8 New slippers in mom’s favorite spring colors is a useful but much loved choice.

slippers -  Mother's Day Gifts for Mom's in Senior Living #slippers  #mothersday #gifts #seniors

#9 A summer scarf is a great accessory that mom can wear inside or out and helps add a new look to sweaters and outfits. She’ll appreciate showing them off if she goes to the dining room for dinners.

Scarf - Mother's Day Gifts for Mom's in Senior Living #scarves  #mothersday #gifts #seniors

#10 Bring her that favorite dessert she always enjoys most and share some sweet memories together (taking health requirements into consideration) In senior living facilities there isn’t always an option to have your favorite foods so is delicious and thoughtful.

Remember, what really matters to your mom on Mother’s Day is that you reach out and let her know how much you care. She will appreciate that you thoughtfully considered her limited living space so give her what she really wants most – your time and a gift that she can enjoy or use without worrying where to put it!

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