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5 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner: It’s More Than Just The Cooking

Well, it’s that time of year again and Thanksgiving is fast approaching and perhaps you find yourself hosting a family gathering and maybe for the first time. There is a lot to consider after you’ve committed to inviting everyone over; what you’ll serve and how long to cook the turkey. Well don’t panic, these things have a way of taking care of themselves, if you run into trouble, you can be sure another guest will step in and help you along. This is about the little things that should be on every hostess list of to do’s  that make your guest feel comfortable and welcome in your home.

5 Tips to Hosting Thanksgiving It's More Than Just Cooking. Get great tips on on ways to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable when you entertain. #thanksgiving #hosting #thanksgivingdinner #tips

#1  Clean Out The Front Closet
It’s fall and you can be sure that there will be coats that need to be put somewhere when your Thanksgiving guests arrive. Your entrance and front hall closet is one of the first things they see so make a good impression. Make sure there is enough space to hang everyone’s coats and if not, temporarily move your own coats and jackets to another room and take that pile of stinky shoes with you! Now that you have space, make sure you have as many empty hangers as you do guests. Tidy up that top shelf – those things probably have a better place to be anyway. Wipe down the closet doors and floor and if you have scuff marks on the wall use a magic eraser to remove them. Now you’re ready to welcome your guests!

Hosting Thanksgiving - 5 things to do that don't involve cooking. Make sure you have a clean closet and hangers for guests coats! #thanksgiving #hosting #thanksgivingdinner #tips

2# The Bathroom Checklist
Having a clean bathroom for guests to use is a given (well, it should be) but there’s a few touches that shouldn’t be left out. If your guests are using the same bathroom that you use, don’t leave your personal products out on display, you want it to feel like a neutral space. Most bathrooms have a garbage can, if yours doesn’t, then you need to  get one. You’ll also want to make sure you have air-freshener, hand-soap, a clean hand-towel and a  full roll of toilet paper because there is nothing worse than someone being at another persons house for dinner and having to call out for TP.

Hosting Thanksgiving - things to do that don't involve cooking. Make sure you have a clean bathroom with TP, towels, air fresheners and a garbage can. #thanksgiving #hosting #thanksgivingdinner #tips

3# Allergies
You probably know a lot about your guests and often most of them are family and close friends but sometimes a new person joins the celebration. Remember to ask in advance if they have any allergies. It’s not just food but it could also be scents from candles or pets. (Speaking of pets, don’t forget to put the freshly cleaned litter box out of view)

Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner Know if Your Guests Have Allergies  #thanksgiving #hosting #thanksgivingdinner #tips #allergies

#4 Left Overs
I always like to buy a plastic container from the Dollar Tree for each of my guests so that my family and friends can take home the left overs and they don’t have to worry about returning the containers. All my guest seem to appreciate this but my adult kids love it!
Hosting Thanksgiving - Buy containers for you guests to take left overs home  #thanksgiving #hosting #thanksgivingdinner #tips #leftovers#5 Be Thankful
Remember that Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. Don’t worry about things, just enjoy the time you spend making the meal and the time you spend with the people you love (and even with the people you’re not so keen on but had to invite anyway – life happens)

5 Tips to hosting Thanksgiving dinner including enjoying doing it and the people you love. #thanksgiving #hosting #thanksgivingdinner #tips #gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!