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DIY Halloween Cards and Miniature Colouring Book

Guest Blogger Lulu Spencer shares a fun and creative DIY Halloween project that was a spooktacular hit with the kids.

DIY Halloween Cards and Miniature Colouring Book

DIY Halloween Cards and Miniature Colouring Book

At Halloween time I always want to send a little something to my young nieces, nephews and grandson. Finding something for small children that is not candy and is easily sent in the mail is tricky. This year I decided to make them miniature colouring books, a Halloween postcard and include a packet of stickers that I bought at the dollar store. Who doesn’t like stickers?

DIY Halloween Cards and Miniature Colouring Book
Halloween Postcards

I included a postcard in a very simple but effective design. Using a pencil first, I drew simple Halloween images and simple lettering between faint pencil lines. I went over the lettering, border and illustrations with a fine black liner. I erased the pencil lines and painted the images with watercolors. On the back I wrote a sentiment. This year I decided to send it from a ‘secret friend’ which adds to the fun.

DIY Halloween Cards and Miniature Colouring BookHalloween Sketch
DIY Halloween Cards and Miniature Colouring Book Water Colors
DIY Halloween Cards

Miniature Colouring Book
This little book or ‘zine’ is an easy project using only a folded piece of  computer paper and a fine black liner. The paper may be any size as long as it is rectangular.  I chose common Halloween items for the little book and put only one word per page so that the children could use the book to copy words from for their own Halloween stories.

DIY Halloween Coloring Book
DIY Halloween Coloring BookThe paper is then cut partially and folded to create the staple-less book. It is important to fold the paper first, then make the cut, and finally draw the pictures on the folded book. This will ensure that none of the drawings are upside down.

DIY Halloween Miniature Colouring Book
Halloween Story Book Layout 2
Include some stickers and crayons and kids will have lots of fun colouring and decorating their Halloween book!

Tutorial Resources
Video tutorial – Learn how to make a ‘zine’ 3 Ways to Make a Zine + ideas – Nicole Malila

Video Tutorial – Learn how to draw a freehand border and get lettering tutorials check out video 6 Simple Borders For Your Hand Lettering Projects- Shayda Campbell

Optional: If you aren’t comfortable with drawing your own pictures, copy and paste clip art images and print (or trace). If you are making the colouring book make sure and review the colouring book directions so you orientate the clip art images correctly on the page before printing.

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