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15 Best Tips Ever for Cleaning Glass, Mirrors & Windows

We’ve all struggled with those frustrating streaks! grrrr. I’ve tried various vinegar solutions and they’re o.k. but not streak free so I set off on a mission to explore new possibilities and I found some amazing solutions! I was really surprised by what I learned and I think you might be too.

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1 Dusting the mirror is a critical first step, streaking can happen when dust is moved around the mirror during cleaning (Above and Beyond)

2 Wash windows on a cloudy day. The sun and heat causes the fluid to dry prematurely leaving streaks (the spruce)

3 Don’t use newspaper; this may have been true years ago, but today’s ink will leave behind residue (Len the Plumber)

4 Mix equal parts of gin and water in a spray bottle and spray onto mirrors to prevent streaks (House Beautiful)

5 Add corn starch to your cleaning agent to help remove hair spray, tooth pastes and hard to remove grime. (Rachael Ray Show)

6 Use a cotton swab to get in the corners of the mirror or window frame (Top Cleaning Secrets)

7 Spray cleaner on cloth, not on mirror to avoid it seeping behind the silver coating and creating tarnish marks (Real Simple)

8 To keep mirrors steam-free, apply a little shaving foam evenly across the surface. Wipe away and buff with a microfibre cloth. (Ideal Home) or rub it with a potato cut in half, then rinse with water and polish, this will keep bathroom fog at bay, too. (YPCA)

9 Purchase a black board eraser; rubbing it across your window will get rid of those pesky streaks (Chronicles Live)

10 Add some dishwasher rinse aid – no streaks and a sparkly finish (W24)

11 Only buff glass when its dry. Rubbing the glass causes a static charge that attracts lint so if  you buff the glass while it is still wet, you’ll only relocate the lint (Angies List)

12 Use distilled water instead of hard water. Unlike hard water, purified water does not contain minerals that add to streaks (Boldsky)

13 Scrub small scratches with a bit of toothpastes to remove (YPCA) or use a jewellers rogue (polishing cloth) and some elbow grease (The Telegraph)  

14 Use rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and wipe of any splatters of hair spray, tooth paste etc before using regular glass cleaner. (Clean My Space)

15 Moisten a dryer sheet to remove stuck on soap scum (Indestructible)

I love quick, easy and affordable solutions that work when it comes to cleaning. I think you’ll agree these are some terrific solutions and all really easy enough to do without needing a lot of expensive or unusual supplies. Happy Cleaning!

15 Best Glass Cleaning Tips Ever #housecleaning #windowcleaning #tips #mirrorcleaning #cleaningsupplies #streaks #shine #bathroom


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1 thought on “15 Best Tips Ever for Cleaning Glass, Mirrors & Windows”

  1. Funny thing, because the other day somebody offered me a job washing windows. I came home, saw that you were following my blog, clicked on your blog, and found this post. Haven’t started the gig yet — but maybe it was meant to be? Blessings —


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