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3 EASY Super Cute DIY Christmas Ornaments: Mother Nature Approved!

These 3 easy to make ornaments are not only super cute, they are environmentally sound and nature makes these supplies readily available and free! (Well, I guess that depends on where you live)  . These are the kinds of projects I like, these adorable inspirations are so simple – no directions necessary!

I can’t wait to try these!

Fresh Fir Twig Christmas Star with Red Bow DIY Christmas Ornaments: Mother Nature Approved! #Christmas #Ornaments #Firbranches #redribbon #Decorating

Pincone Santa See More Mother Nature Aprroved Christmas Ornament Ideas #Christmas #decoratioons #santa #pincones #easy #craft

Wooden Rudolough Ornaments See More  Mother Nature Approved Christmas Decorating Inspirations Naturally Beautiful! #Christmas #nature #wooden #oranaments #woodcookies #rudolph #decorating #  #rustic  #crafts #DIY

I was thinking these would be great decorations to make for a Christmas craft evening with friends.

Happy Christmas Crafting! Thanks as always to Pixebay image sharing community.

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