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DIY Christmas Poinsettia Angel Fairy

I did it again, I dragged another abandon doll home from a community garage sale. Her face was so dirty and her dress had been ripped off. She looked sad and neglected. Like with all my abandon dolls, I transformed her into a flower fairy but since it’s Christmas she’s an Angel. My flower fairies are a bit different – they become the flower versus dressing in a flower petal outfit. For me it symbolizes transformation, magical new horizons, exciting possibilities and change. This little beauty was so majestic that I had to go with gold faux Poinsettia petals for Christmas.

Faux Flowers
Glue Gun – low temperature
Small Doll

Instructions: Remove all the flower petals from the plastic stem.  Put a dab of glue on the back side of the widest end of the petal and glue directly on to the doll starting at the neck area and working downwards and then filling in and adding where you want. Save two of the largest petals to use as wings. Add glue between petals as you go  (very small amount) to help create the shape and structure.

 She can now be a dazzlingly Christmas Angel or a or a shimmering  Poinsettia Fairy but either way, she’s beautiful! This doll is about 7″ high and and I used the petals of 3 faux Poinsettia flowers. 

There is something wonderful about giving an old abandon doll a make-over and this addition to my flower fairy collection (or in this case Angel)  is no exception. This is fun project, really relaxing and rewarding watching the doll transform into something new. Most of the abandon dolls I transform are 4″-6″ tall, this one is about 8″

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