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DIY Up-Cycled Valentines Decorating Ideas

I was at the Eco-Station onsite Reuse Center a while back and discovered they now have a Reuse building on-site where you can take what you want for free. I found a great selection of glass containers that were ideal to decorate for Valentines Day. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to try turning something old into something new and no craft experience necessary!

From this..

To this…

DIY Valentines Decor Accents Something Old Turned To Be Turned into Something New

There was actually three of these funky shaped vases so I decided to paint some hearts on one of them It was a fun project but free hand is hard! An option if you don’t want to paint is using stickers. I added a LOVE sticker to my painted hearts so you can do both if you like. I didn’t have glass paint so I used my paint pens, they don’t adhere the same way glass paint/FolkArt enamels do so the nice thing about that was I was able to scrub off a few hearts that didn’t work out and repaint them. That being said I need to put a clear medium top coat for glass over them or they’re likely to rub off over time with handling or cleaning.

DIY Valentines hand painted vase trash to treasure

This candle holder has silver sparkles on the bottom with a white ribbon and bow and then jewel stickers on the top with a few embellishments. I inserted a color changing faux candle and it looks so pretty with the colors transitioning behind the jeweled hearts. Everything you need to do this project is available at the Dollar Tree

DIY Valentines candle holder with sparkles and jewel hearts

Check out these great Valentines stickers from the Dollar Tree – they go a long way in decorating.

In under two minutes you can transform an old plate into a candle holder and a candle into the perfect Valentines Day accent. This is a great project for all ages from kids on up to seniors.

DIY Valentines Candle and Candle Holder

This skinny vase makes a great “Guess How Many Jelly Beans” jar. Add the jelly beans and a few stick on embellishments and see if your little sweet hearts can guess how many! (Note: Unlike myself, it’s a good idea to count as you’re putting them in ๐Ÿ™‚

DIY Valentines”Guess How Many Jelly Beans” Jar

Lastly, adding a few stickers to drinking glasses completely transforms them into the perfect themed accent. Add a sparkling heart to a wine glass or how about sticking a bit of LOVE to your tumblers. These stickers have the spongy back so they adhere well but are still easy to remove. Try transforming wine glasses, tumblers, coffee cups or drinking glasses into beautiful theme accents.

DIY Valentines Drinking Glasses

I hope I’ve share some idea you can use to create your own special touches to add to your special Valentines Day. Big thanks to the Edmonton Eco Station Reuse Areas and Recycling Center for great free glassware and keeping things out of the landfill!

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36 thoughts on “DIY Up-Cycled Valentines Decorating Ideas”

  1. Excellent! I’ll add your name and link to the tag area on the challenge post! Have a SUPER GREAT DAY! And an AWESOME WEEKEND!!!!!!

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  2. Thank you! Yes – reuse centers are a great thing. Edmonton is pretty progressive when it comes to recycling – now if they could only figure out snow removal and winter road care without spraying corrosive chemicals on the road.

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  3. I love the fact that you have a re-use centre nearby! We don’t but we tend to find things we can reuse, and I love that you are giving new life to discarded objects and turning them into a gift of love!

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  4. SUPER NICE IDEAS!!!!! Would you be opposed to being tagged to make a ladybug creation of sorts? I’m working on the post now and I can edit it to add or delete parts. There will be no time limit cause ladybug making should be relaxing, not stressful!

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  5. I absolutely love that! If we have one near us Iโ€™m going to find it! We have Goodwill Outlet stores which are not free but like cents to the dollar of thrift store prices. Thatโ€™s the closest thing I know to an eco station. Would love to find one!

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  6. Thank you! A Reuse center is where people can drop of items that someone else might want. The main centre you paid $5 and can take as much as you want but it’s all small things – left over ribbon, craft things people donate, binders, office supplies, wool, fabric and that sort of thing but I just discovered if you go to the eco station (where you take appliances and mattress, paint, electronics) they now have a building that has all sorts of things and all free that they try to let people take before it goes to the landfill – such a great idea!

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  7. These are beautiful! That plate and candle combo is my favorite! My whole home is simple and easy decor like this, and you already know I LOVE thrifting! I donโ€™t know what a reuse center is, I wonder if they have one in my area… ๐Ÿค”

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