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Barbie’s DIY Valentines Day Adventure: An Up-cycled Love Story

I was going through some older DIY Barbie-Doll posts and thought given that I have a majority of new followers since my return to blogging, this might be the ideal way to share with you some of my previous Barbie Doll up-cycled projects that fit in with the Valentines Day theme and highlight some of my favorite Barbie Doll up-cycle creations.

It was the Barbie projects that got me started on blogging a few years back. Life happened and my blogging experience was short lived but I’m sure glad to be at it again! Looking back I can see I really had no idea how to network or how to share my projects. I still have a big learning curve but hopefully this will ignite some interest in some of those earlier projects with a few newer ones in the mix too.

Weaving a story around existing projects was really fun, so lets see what a Valentines Day for Barbie might look like!

Barbie's DIY Valentines Day Adventure: An Up-cycled Love Story #DIY #Barbie_doll #Love_story #Upcycled #Repurposed #Doll_Accessories #Doll_furniture
Barbies DIY Valentines Adventure: An Up-cycled Love Story

9:00 a.m The Hair Salon
Barbie is off work and ready for a holiday with her handsome sweetheart ! She’s off to the DIY Barbie Doll Hair Salon because later that evening she’ll be flying to a romantic destination but first things first. Lets get that hair done!

Barbies DIY Valentines Adventure Starts At The Hair Salon #Barbiedoll #DIY #upcycle #hairsalon
Barbies DIY Valentines Adventure Starts At The Hair Salon

This DIY Barbie Doll Hair Salon is all made with found items from garage sales, the Reuse Center and Thrift Store finds. The chairs were tea light candle holders, the mirror was a silver coaster and the Kleenex box is a piece of an eraser with a tissue glued on. Visit to see how to make a DIY curling iron and blow dryer!

11:00 am Brunch
Now that her hair appointment is done it’s time to meet a friend for a DIY Brunch Hollywood style Barbie loves the coaster art and the marble floor sticky back cupboard liner. The table base is a Thrift Store find and the vase is a pen lid covered in glitter. Visit to learn how to make these easy chairs!

Barbie's DIY Valentines Day Adventure: An Up-cycled Love Story #Brunch #trash_to_treasure #Thrift_store_find #DIY #Barbie_doll #Love_story #Upcycled #Repurposed #Doll_Accessories #Doll_furniture

1:00 pm Shopping 
Barbie heads over to her favorite DIY Barbie Boutique for some last minute shopping.

DIY Barbie Upcycle Boutique #DIY #Barbiedoll #boutique #clothes #trash_to_treasure #Thrift_store_find #DIY #Barbie_doll #Love_story #Upcycled #Repurposed

The above clothing display cabinet is an old child’s jewellery box decorated with Zebra print duct tape. The manikin with the pink top is the torso of a $1.00 plastic Barbie from the Dollar Tree spray painted silver. The boutique also sells DIY jewellery and has a great idea on how to up-cycle old jewellery and make your own boutique!

DIY Barbie Doll Jewellery  Display #barbiedoll #DIY #upcycle #jewellery #trash_to_treasure #Thrift_store_find #DIY #Barbie_doll #Love_story #Upcycled #Repurposed

Right next door is another great little shop that sells Easy DIY Sparkling Barbie Doll Purses and so many to choose from! Visit my blog for instructions or watch this video tutorial.

DIY Barbie Doll Easy NoSew Hand Made Purses #barbiedoll #accessories #purses #handmade #sparkle #easy #craft #trash_to_treasure #Thrift_store_find #DIY  #Barbie_doll #Love_story #Upcycled #Repurposed

While she was there she noticed they sold DIY luggage made from old cell phone and credit card cases. What perfect timing! Yikes – she needs a new hairdresser!

DIY Barbie Luggage Repurposed Phone/Card Cases #barbiedoll #luggage #DIY #upcycled #trash_to_treasure #Thrift_store_find #DIY #Barbie_doll #Love_story #Upcycled #Repurposed

3:00 pm – Relax And Open Surprise Valentines Gift!
After a busy day Barbie arrives home to find that her sweetheart has sent her a gift. He want’s her to open it before she heads to the airports to meet up with him later. She relaxes on her Easy No-Sew DIY Zebra Sofa, excited to see what’s inside that wrapped present! Could it finally be that engagement ring!

DIY No Sew Barbie Doll Couch or Sofas and Up-cycled Coffee Table #Zebraprint #nosew #barbiedoll #furniture #sofa #trash_to_treasure #Thrift_store_find #DIY #Barbie_doll #Love_story #Upcycled #Repurposed

9:00 pm Hotel Check-In
After a two hour flight she arrives in Edmonton where she’s eagerly awaiting Ken for a one night stop over before flying to the Caribbean in the morning. The DIY hotel room with a view of Edmonton’s downtown and Muttart Conservatory is amazing, she can’t believe how beautiful everything is! The bed is made from a platter and picture frame, the fireplace from an old mini photo-album stand, side tables from candle holders and a beautiful view through the window made from a picture. Visit the blog and get all sorts of ideas how to convert Thrift store finds into amazing Barbie furniture!

DIY Upcycled Barbie Doll Hotel Room Furniture #barbiedoll #hotel #upcycled #DIY #thriftstore #trashtotreasure #Edmonton
DIY Upcycled Barbie Doll Hotel Room Furniture
DIY Upcycled Barbie Doll Hotel Room Furniture #barbiedoll #hotel #upcycled #DIY #thriftstore #trashtotreasure

Day 2 – Hanging Out on the Beach
After an early flight, Barbie and Ken arrive to sun and sand and spend the day floating around in DIY Float Tubes make from up-cycled swim trunks and curlers.

DIY Barbie Doll Float Tube  Made from Swim Trunks #barbiedoll #floattube #accesories #upcycled #DIY #toys #beach

Followed by a bit of relaxing on the DIY Lounge Chairs made from a dish rack and tablet cover.

DIY Barbie Doll Beach Chair From Dish Rack and Tablet Case #barbie_doll #furniture #DIY #beach_chair #up-cycled #dolls #toys #Beach

Later in the day, Barbie has time for a work out with her DIY Exercise equipment. A child’s bracelet makes a great hula-hoop! See what else I made with junk drawer finds!

DIY Barbie Doll Exercise Equipment. #barbiedoll #Skippingrope, #yogamat, #hulahoop and more. #barbiedoll #DIY #exerciseequipment
DIY Barbie Doll Exercise Equipment.

Now it’s time to get ready for a night of dancing and romance. Thank goodness the hotel has this great DIY make-up vanity made from a child’s jewellery box on a candle holder. See this vanity and more examples of amazing up-cycled ideas made with Thrift Store finds.

DIY Barbie Vanity from Upcycled Thrift Store Finds #DIY #Barbiedoll #vanity #upcycled #thriftstore #trashtotreasure
DIY Barbie Vanity from Upcycled Thrift Store Finds

6 Months Later – The Wedding
Barbie wears an amazing DIY No-Sew Wedding Gown made from an old curtain. Her jewellery and hair is embellished with stick on jewels and her bouquet is a vintage birthday party candle holder with a miniature faux rose.

Barbie Doll No-Sew Wedding Dress #Barbie_doll #wedding_dress #no_sew #hand_made #doll #clothes #wedding__gown

2 Years Later – How the Story Ends
Barbie has her own surprise this Valentines Day and she’s found this cute little DIY Bassinet that’s a perfect way to welcome the happy couples new baby girl!

DIY Barbie Doll Baby Bassinet #DIY #Barbiedoll #bassinet _find #DIY #Barbie_doll #Love_story

Poor Ken, he never seems to be in the pics! Maybe I should make them a selfie stick so they can take more pics together.

I hope you enjoyed Barbies romantic Valentines Day adventures and seeing some of my DIY Barbie Doll projects! You can click on the pictures or links to learn more about how I made each project. My goal is to inspire kids and adults to see the possibilities in turning something old into something new so wherever and whenever I can, my projects incorporate re-purposing and up-cycling, using found things from garage sales, junk drawers, Thrift Stores and the Reuse Center. If I want to make crafts, the Dollar Tree is where I go to find a great selection of supplies.

Barbie Doll Upcycled Love Story Barbie Doll Projects #trash_to_treasure #Thrift_store_find #DIY #Barbie_doll #Love_story #Upcycled #Repurposed

Please share if you know someone who has a little Barbie enthusiast and help me inspire kids to make their own toys – it’s fun, creative, good on the pocket book and great for the environment.

WARNING: Once you start you will be addicted, you will find yourself suddenly wondering what you can turn random objects in to every where you go! Visit my Pinterest Barbie Page.

21 thoughts on “Barbie’s DIY Valentines Day Adventure: An Up-cycled Love Story”

  1. So fun, Starcreative! For my #FridayFollow feature on my blog, may I link to your DIY ideas? And just as a side note, thank you for mentioning on my blog that one of my videos wasn’t working. I’ve fixed it. And also, one of my free doll clothes pattern sets is for a DIY hair salon smock and apron! — My favorite of your DIY sets is the beach one. Love the curlers-turned-float-tube idea! Could you send me a photo of that to use for my #FridayFollow feature?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there – sorry for delay getting back to you! Thank you so much for all your kind feedback and feel free to link to any of my projects anytime! It may be too late but I’ll go and send you that float tube pic shortly. Thanks again for including my projects in your #Fridayfollow.


  2. The details of ALL of these is simply amazing! You are so, so good at this! πŸ’• As soon as I show my girls I guarantee they’re going to want to make some of these!!

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  3. if you havnt heard of link parties you can find some links on my blog of some I share my posts on here
    every week they host link parties where you can share your posts, each site has their own rules per party so youll need to read them as you go. most its 3 posts per party, link back to the party on your post and follow them on one social media or their blog

    how fun to do this story, i loved the luggage and hotel room, and how cute is that erasre Kleenex box!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. What a great compilation of photos and fab ideas. Every gal out there should be able to do these easy projects. It’s all about adjusting your eyes to smaller scale items. Frames, shadow boxes, jewelry boxes, candleholders, coasters are all great sources for doll projects, and usually far sturdier and cheaper than their plastic counterparts!

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