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15 Easter Decorating Ideas Using Nature’s Supplies

Easter decorating is traditionally all about the colors. Stores are full of bright decorations, chocolate wrappers, colorful baskets, dyed eggs, fluffy yellow chicks, multi-colored spring flower arrangements, candles, wrapping paper, table clothes, napkins and Happy Easter banners all in variations of pastel purples, pinks, yellows, blues and greens. So what does Easter look like decorated with nature’s supplies? Here are some beautiful examples!

These unique and creative projects from the Pixebay image sharing community are proof positive that you can make beautiful decorations for Easter using what Mother Nature provides like straw, egg-shells, wood, twigs, burlap, twine, flowers, feathers and more! I just love the pussy willow nest. Which one is your favorite?

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21 thoughts on “15 Easter Decorating Ideas Using Nature’s Supplies”

  1. These are done by pixebay contributors – some very creative folks. I love those egg shells too! On wordpress, if you go to media you can access free images for your blog content also from pixebay image sharing community (no attributions required). They are a great resource for inspiration focused content. Happy Easter!!!!

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  2. Very creative ideas! I just noticed the eggs with the metallic paint inside…did you do that?? It’s something like the cement candles, very creative with the eggs!❤️️☺️❤️️

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  3. I like those too – so cheerful! There are some very creative folks out there – I enjoy inspirations because they get me to thinking about new possibilities.


  4. I’m nominating you for the Mystery Blogger Award! If you don’t want to do an award post that is okay! Have a SUPER WEEKEND!!!!!

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  5. Me too! I was hoping to go out to the lake on Saturday and check on things – hopefully most of the snow is gone and I can gather up some branches and twigs and see what I can make. Have a great weekend Liz!

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