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10 DIY Beauty and Self-Care Tips and Tricks

Today I thought I’d share a few of my favorite DIY beauty and self-care tips and tricks with you since some warmer weather has finally arrived in Alberta. We actually had blue skies last weekend and while I’m sitting under dreary clouds today, next week is suppose to be a scorcher! Some how beauty routines and self-care seem more meaningful in nice weather, certainly more necessary when one can’t hide under a Parka and boots so here’s a few great tips and tricks to make sure you’re looking and feeling your best this summer.

We all love the spa but that costs time and money, both which you may not have enough of. Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive, there are so many ways to incorporate amazing, simple home beauty routines that can make you look and feel beautiful.

I love my baths! For me, the bath is where I unwind and relax. It’s an integral part of my self-care and wellness. It is where my fears and stress and worries melt away . I have spent years trying different products, seeking the perfect bath and I found it by going back to the basics. If you want to feel like you’re floating in a satin cloud, this will do the trick. There are so many different kinds of bath-bombs, oils and bubble baths out there, but there’s nothing better than the right combination of these 3 basic products.

1 cup of Epson salts (scented or unscented)
1/4 cup of coconut oil
1 to 2 Tablespoon of Dawn dish soap

Your stress and tension will disappear and you’ll love your new silky, soft skin. Don’t assume expensive bath products are superior, because this combination is proof positive that sometimes the best things are the simplest. Be sure to use all three together. Add each item into the water as the tub is filling and then enjoy; no trip to the spa required.

DIY Bath-Side Candle Holders

Aren’t these pretty! DIY sparkly candle holders are on my project list. I want to make several that I really love, that shimmer and shine with the candle light so I can place them around the bathroom and tub. I’ve become too use to settling on whatever eclectic combination of candles I have on hand and that’s got to end. I want sparkles!

#2 Polished Feet

I am a dedicated barefoot girl, always have been and likely always will be. Shoes and sock smother me (other than flip-flops) and I actually feel like I can’t breathe, as a result, my feet get a lot of wear and need a lot of care. Now, not too often if ever, have I heard anyone use the term polished feet but that’s exactly what happens when you use this wonderful solution to smooth your cracking souls and heels. I have bought so many foot scrubs and different types of scraping blades and pedi -stones over the years and have never been impressed by any of them and always returned to the nail salon for pedicures but one day I was digging through the tool cabinet and came across a blade sharpening stone still in the package. Hmmm, if it can sharpen steal, then it should be able to tackle my feet and to my surprise and joy – it did! The cost about $13.00 at Canadian Tire but you can find them in most hardware or department stores.

I use the sharpening stone on my feet every day while I’m watching TV. Just run the stone back and forth over your feet and in no time you have the most beautiful, smooth, shinny, soft, polished feet and heels and it works so much better than puma stones or other alternatives. A sharpening stone can be rinsed off after using and probably will last for decades. In short order you get a smooth shine. When I’m done I smother my feet in NIVEA creme. I started using this again a few years ago when I got a gift package for Christmas. I hadn’t used NIVEA in twenty-five years. What was I thinking! It’s amazing! I goop it on my feet and then put the dreaded socks on for thirty minutes until its absorbed.

#3 Hair Mask

If you blow dry your hair a lot or have dry, unmanageable hair, this is a great way to make it look shinier and make your hair more manageable. A combination of 1/4 cup of olive oil and an egg yolk whipped together. Just work it through your wet hair and leave it in for 10 to 15 minutes then shampoo and condition.

#4 Purple Shampoo Banish The Brassy
This isn’t really a DIY solution but it is a great solution for brassy hair issues. If you dye your hair blonde, you probably already know about purple shampoo but if you don’t, you’ll want to get some. Purple shampoo is actually the color purple and is made by lots of different companies. It tones down the yellow color or brassy look you can get after you dye your hair, especially if you are going from dark to blonde. You can ask at the salon or drug stores. Sometimes it says Purple Shampoo on the bottle but not always. You only need to use it once or twice a week. Below is the brand I use, despite it saying Light Blue Shade, its a purple shampoo formula. To learn more about purple shampoo and available brands you can visit 22 Best Purple Shampoos All Blondes Swear By

#5 Puffy Eye Solutions
If you struggle with puffy eyes or bags under your eyes there are a few options that work really well. I like to put slices of cold cucumber on my eyes while I’m relaxing but another great quick fix is a dab of Prep H or Canesten – yup, it’s all about the anti-inflammatory properties. Of course these last two products aren’t recommended for your face but a small amount applied carefully to puffy areas can made a big difference.

#6 Lemon Toning Facial
This combination of regular kitchen ingredients makes for a wonderful facial and is great for toning and tightening the skin.

1 Egg whipped
1 lemon grated peel
Squeezed juice from lemon
1 tbsp of coconut or olive oil
Mix together thoroughly and apply to skin for 30 to 40 minutes before rinsing with warm water and a final splash of cold water before drying face and adding your favorite moisturizer. This works great if you are lacking sleep and your face seems to be drooping like your energy level. Speaking of sleep….

#7 Beauty Sleep Secret
We’ve all heard how important sleep is for our health and beauty and for me that is the biggest challenge, I’m a natural night hawk and getting enough sleep is always a struggle.

One solution that made a huge difference was investing in a new Zinus 12″ foam mattress. This mattress is like sleeping on a cloud and came right to my door from Amazon for a fraction of the price of a regular mattress and its proved to be one of the best investments ever! I fall asleep faster and sleep longer and when I wake, I feel rested and ready for the day.

#8 Facial Hair Remover – Now This is Crafty!
A piece of craft Duck Brand tape and you’re good to go! Ok, I know what you’re thinking but refrain from the shock and horror one minute and let me explain. It happens, an unsuspecting chin hair, an inkling of a mustache at the corners of your mouth and when do you notice it? Right before you’re going out. No time to run to the salon for a wax and where are those tweezers when you need them? Well craft Duck Brand tape is the perfect solution. Seriously!! It doesn’t peel your skin off and is actually less intense to remove than ripping wax strips off and best of all its fast and it works. It’s actually a great way to quickly and painlessly remove those unwanted hairs and you don’t have to walk around with red swollen skin for an hour like after a wax. I’ve tried different wax strips from the drug store and they don’t come close to doing as good of a job so as far as a home solution, this works great. Don’t use regular duct tape, I tried it on my arm and was soooo sorry I did – ouch, ouch, ouch.

#9 Smoothing Upper Lip Wrinkles
I was watching Dragons Den or Shark Tank a year or so ago and a person was pitching a product that you tuck under your top lip to stretch out the skin and plump up the upper lip to minimize wrinkles that form there. They had a simple product and showed the before and after pictures of people who had used it ten minutes a day and it was quite impressive to see the the improvements. I can’t remember if the dragons (or sharks) invested in it or not but the product (not the name) stuck in my head. One day I was in my craft room and going through my supplies and came across the foam twisty rollers from the dollar tree. Hmmm – would this work? I removed the white Velcro band (some have them and some don’t, they just slide off) and the thin metal wire that is inside (it pulls right out of either end) and I had a perfect little piece of foam like a miniature pool noodle and wouldn’t you know, when I tucked it under my lip it worked like a charm; I did however, scare my husband when he saw me with what appeared to be a very swollen upper lip. I believe it has made a difference; I wish I would have taken before and after shots but what I unexpectedly discovered, was how tense my face is and pushing my lip outwards forced me to relax my muscles which in turn made me feel more relaxed over-all. I had no idea I was tensing my face so much!

#10 Body Relaxation Float Tube Massage
Speaking of relaxing muscles I’ve discovered the ultimate massage! Now that I’m closer to 60 than 50, relaxing is becoming a bigger priority. There are times like last weekend when I’m fortunate to take my tube to the lake, drop the anchor and get lulled to sleep by rocking waves. If you have a good tube with a back and head rest you can actually close your eyes and feel yourself giving over to relaxation and the gentle massage of the water. Nothing says self-care better than a free massage, a suntan and a relaxing nap! (Don’t forget to drop an anchor first though or you’ll wake up in the middle of the lake!)

I hope you give a few of these beauty tips and tricks a try! Also, hopefully you’ve noticed my blog is loading faster – I’ve had issues and was so relieved when WordPress was able to assist. Thanks to those of you who stuck around for 40 seconds waiting for my last few blogs to load!

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    1. You haven’t posted in a while! My excuse is that I’ve been taking some coding courses to hopefully improve my blog skills some, or at least fend off dementia in my older age. Plus, it has been an all-around crappy summer, but at least things are finally starting to improve, hopefully anyway. I hope you are doing okay!


  1. Having a good mattress is so important for decent sleep. I used to have a cheap one with a loose spring poking in my back all night and woke up every hour πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚


  2. Some great ideas here! I love a day of pampering using natural products from the cupboards ☺️xx


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