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What To Do With Twelve Rubber Turkeys At Thanksgiving

In Canada, we’ve already had our Thanksgiving but it’s just around the corner for our American friends so Happy Thanksgiving to all of you there. This fall I was dealing with some medical issues and was pretty exhausted so we kept things simple and went to the lake and roasted turkey dogs with cranberries which was so delicious! It turned out to be one of my favorite Thanksgivings ever; a new and surprisingly relaxing experience. Speaking of something new… last spring I found a bucket of rubber turkeys at a community garage sale. What does one do with a bucket of rubber turkeys you ask?

I asked myself that same question, so did the lady who sold them to me. Her curiosity got the better of her and she confessed they’d been donated but couldn’t imagine who would buy them or why and wanted to know what I might do with them. After paying one dollar for a bucket of twelve, I told her I wasn’t sure yet but I was confident I’d think of something and eventually I did.
I discovered they make perfect mini cracker holders!

If you aren’t familiar with crackers, they are a novelty for celebrations and you pull on a tab from each end and they open up with a bit of bang and inside you find a paper crown which you wear through dinner, sometimes there are prizes or jokes included too. It’s a fun tradition especially when you have children at the table.

I added a nice fall napkin to the combination and now have a unique, bright and cheerful addition to the Thanksgiving table setting!

It’s always so fun to turn something old in to something new! These mini crackers just fit in perfectly; snug enough that I don’t need to adhere them in place.

These little turkeys were like new. It didn’t appear as if they’d ever been used but I ran them through the dishwasher to ensure they are well cleaned & sanitized and the only other thing I had to do was pick up some crackers and napkins at the Dollar Tree.

As far as DIY celebration theme decorations, it doesn’t get any easier than this! These tiny turkeys were just one of those fun finds.

Happy Thanksgivings!

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