Easy DIY Repurposed Art Table Top

Last fall I purchased a bright and colorful painting at a garage sale. Not that I needed more art on my walls but I was certain I would eventually find a way to re-purpose it. It’s been sitting in the craft room for over a year so it was time to make something old into something new!

I decided to combine it with one of two small, funky patio tables that I’d previously purchased at a garage sale. This table has so much character with the vintage design and well worn paint.

One of things I was concerned about was the metal edges of the table pushing through the canvas so I glued a piece of foam board inside the back of the frame to give it added strength and stability.

For some extra protection, I added a few very thin layers of Hard Coat. I was worried it would warp the canvas but it dried fine. I followed that with a spray coat of clear waterproofing.

I placed the canvas down on the table top and it was a perfect fit – snug as a bug. I was going to glue it down but I opted to use two sided tape so I can convert it back to the original table if I change my mind. It’s on there so snug I really didn’t even need the two sided tape. It seems to have worked well enough. I think if I were to carry it around by the canvas it would likely pull away from the table but if just left as is, it should work fine as a decorative side table when I redecorate the guest room.

I love how vibrant and colorful it is.

In the end, it turned out to be a pretty simple project and for under $10.00 I have a unique and beautiful table. I hope this inspires you to look at old things in a new way!

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