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“Sew” Many Good Ideas for Christmas Gifts

Guest Blog by Lulu Spencer

There is nothing quite as wonderful as receiving a home made gift and especially when it is beautiful and useful at the same time! Here are a few inspirations and ideas for machine sewn projects that make great Christmas gifts.

#1 Pot Holders and Hot Pads
Some fabric can get expensive so remember to use more affordable fabric on the back of projects like pot holders or hot pads. I couldn’t resist this beautiful garlic pattern – perfect for the chef I’ve made them for!

To keep costs down on expensive fabric, a 1/2 a meter can go a long way if you’re making smaller projects.

Don’t limit yourself to one size or pattern, consider making a casserole size hot pad as well and choose fun, fabric designs. This is a great project if you have a small amount of your favorite fabric left over from a previous project.

#2 Aprons
I made these two aprons for the daughters of a friend. I wouldn’t suggest a beginner tackle this, there are easier patterns on Pinterest if you are a beginner sewer but if you have some sewing experience, this style of aprons is super cute!

#3 Dice Bag
A draw string bag can be used for so many things! I made this for my son’s game pieces but the potential uses are limitless!

#4 Kleenex Holders
These are reasonably fast and easy to sew. (various patterns available on Pinterest). This is another good way to make use of your favorite fabrics remnants and they are perfect for stocking stuffers!

#5 Blanket
This sushi pattern blanket is so soft! A lap blanket makes a great gift for anyone and if someone has a new addition to the family then a baby blanket is always a well-received gift. Again, like the pot holders, you don’t have to use the patterned fabric on the back.

#6 Heat Bags
These heat bags are always a hit when it comes to gift giving. Nothing says I care more than giving someone the gift of a relaxing heat bag they can throw in the microwave to ease those sore muscles or they can be kept in the freezer if a cold pack is their preference!

#7 Pillowcases or Cushion Covers
Who doesn’t love a new pillow cover? These are a good gift idea for teenagers who are into decorating their rooms.

If you are interested in trying any of these projects I encourage you to do a search on Pinterest for a pattern that works for you! Happy Sewing and Merry Christmas!
Lulu Spencer

Note: Big thanks to Lulu Spence for being a contributor on starrcreative. I think we can all agree that one of her gifts in addition to her well executed projects and great sewing gift ideas, is her impeccable taste in fabric! See more of Lulu’s Guest Blogs here

6 thoughts on ““Sew” Many Good Ideas for Christmas Gifts”

    1. Thank you. I know she reads the comments, I have to figure out how she can reply when I post her guest blog projects. She’s got such a good eye for fabric. I struggle with sewing so I”m always so appreciative when she shares on my blog, she’s so creative and talented. Thanks for your comments.


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