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Easy No Sew Barbie Wedding Dress

Barbie is loving her new no-sew wedding gown and Valentine’s wedding cake and she can’t wait to throw her bouquet! I’ve included a tutorial for the dress, bouquet and cake. It just doesn’t get easier than this NO-SEW beautiful wedding gown! You can make this in under 10 minutes and only a few minutes longer if you want to crochet a band of trim for the bottom. The cake took about 20 minutes and the bouquet was done in two. All of these projects can be easily executed by beginner crafters so have some fun and give your Barbie a DIY Valentines wedding this February 14th!

Using sticky back jewels from the Dollar Store works great for a Tiara and necklace.

How To: Fast and Easy No Sew Wedding Dress

Step 1 Wedding Dress – Use a Barbie dress or top that will match the wedding skirt you are making. I added a little Valentines heart sticker embellishment to this cute white dress I purchased at a garage sale a few years back. If you don’t have a Barbie dress or top that will work you can cut off the bottom of a small white sock and use the top as tube dress.

Step Two Wedding Dress Skirt– Make a tear shaped pattern (I used an old pink sheet for my pattern) You want to make it 22″ X 18″. Place your pattern on the fabric and cut the fabric out. Cut a 1″ hole (see below) to slip up onto Barbie’s waste. The hole should be about 8″ from the fat end of the pattern. Don’t make it too big – better too small and have to give it a tug over the hips than too big or it won’t stay up. I used this beautiful fabric from a baby blanket – it has those gorgeous roses and is perfect for a Barbie wedding gown! Any fabric will do but a heavier fabric is better. If you’re crafting on a budget check out the local Thrift shop where you will find lots of baby blankets, fabric, bed spreads etc for affordable prices and dollar stores usually have baby blankets as well.

The reason I made it tear shaped is so there would be a bit of a train in the back (see below) but you could make it round as well.

Step Three Wedding Dress – This type of fabric tends to fray after its cut, so I crocheted a string of single stitch fringe wool from the Dollar Tree and attached it with tacky glue. (Also make Easy Beautiful Crocheted Christmas Garland) If you don’t crochet you could glue on some ribbon/lace or just attached the wool without crocheting it first.

Step 4 Wedding Dress – It worked so well that it stood up by itself! I just had to slide Barbie into it! You could also glue the skirt right to the basic dress or if you are using a separate top you could glue the waist of the wedding skirt to an old skirt or slip if your Barbie has one or to the tube sock if that’s what you’re using or just slide it on and off as is. If the waist gets loose you could also use a ribbon for a belt or an elastic to hold it in place. I’ve taken this one on and off the Barbie about 10 times now and no issues so far.

Step Five Bridal Faux Fur Shawl – Nothing says winter wedding like a fur shawl! I used the arms from a stuffed monkey that I bought at Dollar Tree and cut off the hands and glued the arms together. She can wear it either over her head or over her shoulders.

How To: Easy DIY Barbie Doll Wedding Cake

Step One Wedding Cake -This was so fun and easy to do. I just gathered up some red and pink lids that would stack up together and then added glitter, ribbon and decorations. I had one lid with an opening on top so I was able to insert a heart shaped paper clip into it for the cake topper but you can use beads or flowers or other decorative embellishments.

Step Two Wedding Cake – Now that you have the basic structure of the lids glued together it’s time for the fun part! Use stickers, beads, ribbon and flowers to decorate your cake! You can find all of these supplies at the Dollar Stores.

How To: DIY Bridal Bouquet

Step One Bridal Bouquet – I used a birthday cake candle holder and glued on miniature roses. You could wrap the candle holder in lace if you like as well. A 2 minute DIY project your Barbie will love!

I love projects that anyone with any skill level can make and if I were Barbie, I’d be saying Yes to This Dress! I hope you give these DIY wedding projects a try. This is an easy project that would make for a fun filled evening with your little Barbie enthusiast or a great Valentines gift!

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  1. Thank you so much!!!! I appreciate your comments – I hope I can inspire kids or Barbie enthusiasts to use their imagination and make their own wonderful things for their Barbies! Thanks again!


  2. This was such a fun post. I am saving this as one of my favorites at the end of the month with a link back. I can not believe how creative you are with repurposing things into barbie items, it’s amazing what you have come up with. Some little girls in your life are having a lot of fun with this talent of yours. This is a beautiful dress and all those other items like little purses and a Christmas tree. Your barbie really does live in a dream house.

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