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DIY Valentines Book Mark

I was trying to think of something special to make for my mom this Valentines Day. She has limited space so consideration regarding it being something small, useful and still meaningful was at the forefront of my thoughts. When I think of mom, the first thing that always comes to mind is our book sharing. For over 35 years I have gone in search of wonderful historical fiction novels and shared them with her. Over the decades we have covered western European history from the Conqueror to Queen Victoria. It is truly our shared love. It started back in the late 80’s when I was living on Vancouver Island and she was a ferry away living on the mainland in Powell River on the Sunshine Coast. I would search through the wonderful old book stores and auctions on the Island and call her excitedly to let her know I’d be over with some new books. Today we are all back in Alberta (brrrr) and she struggles with dementia but despite that has remained an avid reader. Unfortunately, our lengthy discussion about the books are no longer a part of it as she has often forgotten the story by time she has finished the book but she still gets excited when I show up with a stack of historical fiction novels no matter what decade they were written in. I just recently re-read the book that started it all so long ago. This 1957 masterpiece will always be my favorite!!!

I love to see her enthusiasm when she runs her fingers over the books with anticipation and my ongoing search for wonderful historic fiction books gives me great comfort and a sense of continued connection to her. The rule we had was no new retail purchases and no libraries – the fun was finding them elsewhere at garage sales, auctions or second hand book stores and I’ve continued that tradition over the years with the greatest of joy so this Valentines Day I’m giving her a DIY Valentines book mark that I know she will love!

This is a fast and easy project. I had a piece of Valentine’s soft cardboard from a gift box that I cut out and folded over. I glued a ribbon in-between and covered it front and back with shipping tape.

This is a 5 minute fun craft for all ages and a great Valentine’s present for your book lovers! It’s also a perfect gift for older parent’s who have limited space and still enjoy reading. You can use gift bags, craft paper or even an actual Valentine glued on to firmer backing.

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1 thought on “DIY Valentines Book Mark”

  1. So sweet that you share this tradition with your mom. My Nana (born a day before Valentine’s Day ) used to love reading historical romance and she even shared some with me. It was fun to share that together. That is a beautiful little bookmark and so thoughtful, I am sure she loved it.


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