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If you love creative crafts, tutorials and unique DIY projects, you’ve stopped at the right place!  The majority of my projects incorporate reused, recycled, and re-purposed elements. These how-to projects will hopefully inspire you to look at old things in a new way and give it a try!

CTV – December 17 2015 Segment – On Your Street with Reporter Dez Melenka Video
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Contact me  starrscreativecrafts@gmail.com


14 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Sophie Marshall has nominated my blog for a Sunshine Blogger award. Part of this entails that I answer some questions and then nominate a few other people. Sort of sounds like a chain letter kind of thing,sort of, but in a good way. Would it be okay if I nominate your blog? I would ask you a few questions for you to answer and then you nominate some people. If this is an imposition for for you, you can say no and I’ll pick on some one else. I didn’t want to spring this on you in case you are busy, doing a post like this would take me a while to do and I don’t want to make you feel put upon, as in a oh no this will take forever sort of thing. I thought it would be polite to warn you ahead of time and give you the option to say no.

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      1. Sophie didn’t say there was a time limit, she just alerted me to the nomination on like Tuesday or so. So I hopped on it and tracked back through a bunch of peoples’ nomination posts to see how they did theirs. It seemed to have started early in December. I hope it still applies, I think you should win, your blog is so neat! I hope your weekend is SUPER GREAT!!!! ROOTING FOR YOU!!!!

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      2. I love your blog too and always look forward to it! I’m just working on my questions now. It’s a great way to get to know a little about each other. I’m trying to pick nominees who haven’t been nominated before – there are so many talented bloggers on wordpress – it’s hard to just pick 5! I’m not sure how this all works – does Sophie pick a winner from her nominee list or are all the nominees recognized and equal winners? If I repeat the process and nominate 5 people – do I have to pick a winner or are all the nominees winners? I guess we’ll figure this out. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend too!!

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      3. I think you’ll have to ask Sophie if she knows how the award process works. I had never heard of it until she nominated me. So, hopefully she knows what’s what. And you can pick more than five nominees but not more than eleven from what I have been able to find out so far. I tracked back through several other people’s award posts to see if there was more info but I don’t think I’ve found yet where or when it started in the process. It looks like it may have started rolling along early in December, but most of the posts say about the same thing. I’m hoping a message will appear that gives more information and says how the winner is determined or if everyone nominated wins. Don’t know yet for sure. Hoping for some kind of an answer about it all soon. Maybe WordPress will put out some kind of message about the award. Here’s hoping one way or another!

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      4. Darn – I would have nominated more bloggers, I thought it was just 5. It’s a great way to get people connected and a great feeling to be recognized by peers. What a great way to start of 2019 for both of us!

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  2. Hello Starr, I have nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award! I enjoy your blog and you’re such a creative inspiration to me! Read more here…https://lacarteradesigns.com/2016/04/10/blogger-recognition-award/

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