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Edmonton Ice-Castles: How “Cool” Is This!

Edmonton is proud to be the home to the only Canadian Ice Castle and it's reputation as an award winning attraction is well deserved. There's no chance of it melting early in 2019 since this year has been a record breaking marathon of freezing whether; the worst stretch since 1979! We sure had a great… Continue reading Edmonton Ice-Castles: How “Cool” Is This!

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Edmonton Prospects Baseball Games – A Family Hit!

A year ago our family found a new passion; the Edmonton Prospect Baseball Team and while the baseball was more than entertainment itself, there was so much more to the experience!

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3 “Must Try” Banff Attractions For Families With Tweens & Teens

 Video & Review Contributions by Darrion Durrant - Travel & Adventure Reporter (freelance) Does your family enjoy a challenging hike in the pristine wilderness? Are you adventurous enough to try some delicious shark, rattle snake or frog legs for dinner? Will it be all hands-up when you ask who wants to experience a thrilling helicopter… Continue reading 3 “Must Try” Banff Attractions For Families With Tweens & Teens

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Family Fun At Calgary Skyline Luge – You Have To Try This!

By Starr Durrant We have been very fortunate to have shared so many amazing experiences with our grandsons over the years that I was inspired to start a new blog category and highlight some of our favorite family attraction starting with The Calgary Skyline Luge in Canada Olympic Park.  If your family is seeking thrills and… Continue reading Family Fun At Calgary Skyline Luge – You Have To Try This!

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Rockin Fun With Pebble Art Game

While sitting on the edge of a beautiful creek in the Rocky Mountains I found myself picking out a few pebbles with the intent of making a memento of the trip. When I got home, I pulled the 10 or so rocks from my pocket and set to work trying to see what I could… Continue reading Rockin Fun With Pebble Art Game