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DIY Christmas Poinsettia Angel Fairy

I did it again, I dragged another abandon doll home from a community garage sale. Her face was so dirty and her dress had been ripped off. She looked sad and neglected. Like with all my abandon dolls, I transformed her into a flower fairy but since it's Christmas she's an Angel. My flower fairies… Continue reading DIY Christmas Poinsettia Angel Fairy

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DIY Fall Forest Fairy

I came across an old doll at the Edmonton Re-use Centre, she must have been a cake topper given she had no legs. There she was at the bottom of a bin, with her dirty face staring up at me pleading with me to take her.  I couldn't leave her there so I decided to… Continue reading DIY Fall Forest Fairy

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Starburst Lily Fairy

I started creating flower fairies last year for my daughter's lily pots and they are always so much fun to make! I love the idea of re-purposing abandon little dolls I rescue from the Thrift shops. There are no rules here - just deconstruct the flowers and play around until you come up with something… Continue reading Starburst Lily Fairy

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DIY Lily Fairy

This once abandoned doll turned beautiful flower fairy is a great addition to any flower-pot! This past Easter, I wanted to come up with a special gift for my daughter who is both hosting an Easter brunch and just happens to be a fan of Lilies and Fairies. Using a silk lily and 5 "… Continue reading DIY Lily Fairy