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Easy DIY Sparkling Barbie Doll Purses

By Starr Durrant What Barbie doesn't like a fabulous  collection of designer hand bags?  Make these super cute and easy Barbie doll purses and create your own line of Barbie designer dreams bags! Each bag takes less than a minute to make, the supplies are available at most dollar or craft stores and no sewing… Continue reading Easy DIY Sparkling Barbie Doll Purses

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8 DIY Patio Accents That Will Make You Say “I Want!”

Are you dreaming of that beautiful outdoor space? No money? No time? No DIY Experience? No Problem! Anyone can create beautiful, unique and functional patio accents like these on even the tightest budget. Start searching for your treasures in the basement, the relative's attic, thrift stores or garage sales and turn something old into something beautiful and new! #1 CD Rack Turned… Continue reading 8 DIY Patio Accents That Will Make You Say “I Want!”

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DIY Barbie Boutique

The one thing about Barbie - she loves shopping! These fashion displays are easy to make from re-purposed or re-used items and are sure to be a hit with your Barbie enthusiast. Whenever possible I try to make my projects from recycled or salvage things or I up-cycle, restore or re-use found items. I  like… Continue reading DIY Barbie Boutique

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Repurposed Solutions That Keep Your Accessories Organized

Like so many of us I am always excited to discover a better way of organizing my things and when I can re-purpose something while doing so, it’s all the sweeter!! Here are a few creative ideas that came to me when I was doing a bedroom make-over.