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DIY Fall Forest Fairy

I came across an old doll at the Edmonton Re-use Centre, she must have been a cake topper given she had no legs. There she was at the bottom of a bin, with her dirty face staring up at me pleading with me to take her.  I couldn't leave her there so I decided to… Continue reading DIY Fall Forest Fairy

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Fall Confessions of a Crafter

It's true, summer is over and the leaves are changing. Well at least here in Edmonton where we already have snow! And while spirits plummet all around me along with the temperature, I have to confess, I'm kinda of liking it! A busy summer visiting friends and family at the lake has come to an… Continue reading Fall Confessions of a Crafter

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Simple and Elegant Fall Arrangement

Well it's that time of year again and fall leaves abound so here's an example of an easy fall arrangements that brings autumn beauty indoors. Fill a vase or glass container with some leaves then add a few twigs and you have yourself an elegant addition to your fall home decor! Gather up the kids and go for… Continue reading Simple and Elegant Fall Arrangement