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Easy Beautiful Crocheted Christmas Garland

Are you looking for an easy and festive Christmas crochet project? This  white eyelash/feather yarn garland is a beautiful, stylish addition to any tree and beginners can make this too!

3 -5 Skeins of Eyelash/Feather Yarn 1.75 oz. / 50 g – 64 yard / 58 m(I purchase mine at the Dollar Tree)
6.0 or 6.5mm crochet hook
Small scissors

Crochet a foundation row and a row of single stitches. You can make one long piece (300 – 500 stitches depending on size of tree) or make sections so it’s easier to put it on the tree. 

It is soft and pliable and shimmers in the light.

I like that it has a traditional feel to it with a modern yarn so it’s still stylish. You could crochet in beads or add glitter or stick on jewels as well if you want even more sparkle.

You can use this soft, shimmering garland for trim on Christmas stocking and all sorts of Christmas crafts and projects.  Also check out Malassi Crafts Fuzzy Snowball tutorial  to make super cute snowball ornaments with the same type of yarn,

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9 thoughts on “Easy Beautiful Crocheted Christmas Garland”

  1. Thanks! It can be tricky getting through that first row with this yarn because its hard to see what you are doing with all the eyelash but I found I got in an nice rhythm after a short while so it ended up being really easy.

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  2. I hate using any “fancy” yarns. Never know what to make nor do i find it easy to work with. This however is great! And probably wont challenge me while working with it.

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