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Easy DIY Valentine’s Cupcake Toppers

It’s almost the big day! This project is great for any age or skill level. The cute, easy to make cupcake toppers are a great addition to your cupcake display and best of all – they’re re-usable!

I previously did a Christmas Cupcake Topper blog and I decided every holiday deserves its own recognition. Valentines Day hearts make the perfect toppers and the Dollar Tree always has lots of great sticky back stickers and foam shapes, all sorts of things you can attach to a plastic skewer! Peel, stick and insert – it’s that easy!

DIY Valentines Cupcake Toppers #Valentines #Upcycle #hearts#DIY #cupcakeplatter
DIY Valentines Cupcake Toppers #Valentines #Upcycle #hearts#DIY #cupcakeplatter

Wouldn’t this be a fun project with the kids or for a craft party! Affordable, easy, fun and they look great! Fancy up the cupcakes at your event or surprise your family with your own personal touches. If you visit the
Dollar Tree you can find all sorts of ideas.

DIY Valentines Cupcake Toppers #Valentines #Upcycle #hearts#DIY #cupcakeplatter

Some of you may have seen my previous Valentines blogs but since we’re celebrating a bit early, I decided to incorporate the DIY Chocolates & Drink Dippers, the Best Ever Valentines Cookies and these cupcakes all together on an up-cycled cupcake platter made from some of free glassware from the Eco-Station onsite Reuse Center that I featured in my Up-cycled Valentines Decor post including the hand-painted heart vase.

DIY Valentines Cupcake Toppers and Upcycled Stand  #Valentines #Upcycle #hearts#DIY #cupcakeplatter

I also want to pass on a recommendation for this AMAZING cupcake mix Mrs. Fields, available at Walmart and the Dollar Tree. I know a lot of people aren’t partial to box mix but Mrs. Fields mix will change your mind!

Mrs. Fields Cupcake Mix

For those of you that follow my blog you know that I’m a big fan of the
Dollar Treeand of projects that are fun, fast, affordable and fab and these cupcake toppers are all of the above!

DIY Valentines Cupcake Toppers #Valentines #Upcycle #hearts#DIY #cupcakeplatter


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22 thoughts on “Easy DIY Valentine’s Cupcake Toppers”

  1. Thank-you! Well my house isn’t as fun as it use to be with grand kids growing older and getting their own little busy lives but I’m hoping to have both next weekend and puts a big huge giant smile on my face. Both boys – not a grand daughter to be had and neither of them are too keen on crafting or the color pink lol so I think I have more time than fun but time is fun too – something I haven’t had much of over the years.

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  2. These are very cute. They really add something to the cupcake display. They make them look so fancy.

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  3. These are adorable! And we will definitely try the Mrs Fields mix, I love their cookies and haven’t seen the mix yet! πŸ’•

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