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DIY Up-cycled Valentine’s Dessert Platters

I was at the Eco-center and found this wonderful set of red vases perfect for Valentines Day decor and free! There is nothing better than knowing you kept something out of the landfill and turned something old into something new.

If you follow my blog you know I’m a big fan of up-cycling and coming up with creative alternatives for found things. I incorporated a plate and a Valentines heart decoration from last years eco-center DIY Valentines decor projects and came up with a few new ideas for these vases.

#1 Dessert or cake platter – A wonderful way to serve your Valentine’s cake!

#2 Two Tier Dessert Platter – Perfect for cookies and chocolates!

#3 Illusion of Plate in Vase – I absolutely love this, it’s so unique and I can put cookies or cupcakes on the plate and fruit kabobs or flowers in the upper vase!

I was so happy with all the decor ideas but #3 was definitely my favorite because its so unique in its design – it looks as if the plate is coming out from the center of a larger vase and I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I always encourage people interested in up-cycle projects to never get too attached to their initial vision but rather let the supplies guide you in an array of creative options. Take the time to play around and manipulate your supplies – you never know what wonderful new and unique project you might come up with if you are open to the possibilities.

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Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

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