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Easy Beautiful Crocheted Christmas Garland

Are you looking for an easy and festive Christmas crochet project? This  white eyelash/feather yarn garland is a beautiful, stylish addition to any tree and beginners can make this too! SUPPLIES3 -5 Skeins of Eyelash/Feather Yarn 1.75 oz. / 50 g - 64 yard / 58 m(I purchase mine at the Dollar Tree)6.0 or 6.5mm… Continue reading Easy Beautiful Crocheted Christmas Garland

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5 Ways Christmas Changed After My Stroke

When I was 47 I had the unfortunate experience of having a stroke that resulted in initial loss of my right side of my body and a discovery that I also have an inoperable brain aneurysm (well, they can but risks are very high)  It was shocking - I was in the best shape of… Continue reading 5 Ways Christmas Changed After My Stroke

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My Annual Christmas Tree Decorating Dilemma

One of these years I'm just going to do it. I'm going to resist my need for tradition and release myself from the habit of staying true to my box of handmade ornaments and meaningful old decoration I've collected from loved ones over the years. Yes, one Christmas I'm going to decorate my tree with… Continue reading My Annual Christmas Tree Decorating Dilemma

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DIY Christmas Appetizer Skewers

These  Christmas skewers are so festive, fun and easy to make! Add some holiday cheer to your appetizers! These are great for fruit kabobs, cheese, shrimp - the possibilities are endless! SuppliesPlastic SkewersStick on or glue on Christmas embellishmentsGlue if you aren't using sticky back embellishmentsFruit, Cubed Cheese or your choice of appetizer or snack… Continue reading DIY Christmas Appetizer Skewers

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Making and Baking Gingerbread: Tips & Tricks

I have to be honest, I haven't made gingerbread for years now. Sad but true. I decided maybe it's time to revisit my favorite gingerbread recipe except I ran into to one problem -  after all these years, it was no where to be found! That lead me to set off on a search of… Continue reading Making and Baking Gingerbread: Tips & Tricks

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Christmas Cuteness: Henry and the Santa Hat

When Henry joined our family it was a special day. Our grandsons were getting older and after 35 years of having children around, be it our own kids or our grand children we found ourselves feeling somewhat alone. Don't get me wrong, I've had kids since I was one so having the time to expand… Continue reading Christmas Cuteness: Henry and the Santa Hat

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20 Popular Canadian Christmas Traditions

Well Christmas is fast approaching and with it so many different traditions but there are a few that are more common than others that you are likely to see most often if you are new to Canada. It's a diverse country with diverse ways of celebrating the holiday but there seems to be those favorites… Continue reading 20 Popular Canadian Christmas Traditions

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Christmas Gift Bag Decor Accents

I originally posted this in 2015 but I just found this fabulous textured gift bag and had to do an update. This bag feels and looks like needle point and makes for some beautiful decor accents! By just cutting out the size you need and inserting it into the picture frame or simply cutting out… Continue reading Christmas Gift Bag Decor Accents

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DIY Christmas Poinsettia Angel Fairy

I did it again, I dragged another abandon doll home from a community garage sale. Her face was so dirty and her dress had been ripped off. She looked sad and neglected. Like with all my abandon dolls, I transformed her into a flower fairy but since it's Christmas she's an Angel. My flower fairies… Continue reading DIY Christmas Poinsettia Angel Fairy

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3 EASY Super Cute DIY Christmas Ornaments: Mother Nature Approved!

These 3 easy to make ornaments are not only super cute, they are environmentally sound and nature makes these supplies readily available and free! (Well, I guess that depends on where you live)  . These are the kinds of projects I like, these adorable inspirations are so simple - no directions necessary! I can't wait… Continue reading 3 EASY Super Cute DIY Christmas Ornaments: Mother Nature Approved!

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DIY Christmas Sock Candy Dish & Candle Cozies

This is another Christmas sock blog because the possibilities are endless! Hopefully you saw my last Christmas blog Drink Cozies, this is the same idea but using the socks to make awesome vases, candles and candy dishes in minutes for under $5.00 and no sewing involved! For the 2 shorter candy dishes, I just cut… Continue reading DIY Christmas Sock Candy Dish & Candle Cozies

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DIY Christmas Sock Drink Cozies

It's Christmas DIY time - hurray! I'm kicking of my Christmas season with these super cute Drink Cozies made from re-purposed Christmas socks. There are lots of sizes and varieties of Christmas socks available at the dollar stores. You just slide them on and if they are too long just snip of remaining sock and… Continue reading DIY Christmas Sock Drink Cozies