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Barbie’s ‘Feeling Groovy’ Trash to Treasure 70’s Pad

If you love the home decor show Trading Spaces, consider this an opportunity to decorate a room for someone else, just on a smaller scale! As most of you know, I love to come up with up-cycled Barbie Doll furniture from Thrift Store or garage sale finds, even stuff you might consider throwing away can… Continue reading Barbie’s ‘Feeling Groovy’ Trash to Treasure 70’s Pad

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A Little Bit of This & Little Bit of That

It's been awhile since I've blogged and I've missed the WordPress community and all the wonderful blogs written by all of you. Where have I been? Back in time! I suddenly felt inspired to return to my research and writing on historical Calgary and when the inspiration hits me, I run with it. I had… Continue reading A Little Bit of This & Little Bit of That

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Puppy Cuteness: Henry’s Toy Tip!

Our little two year old Henry (half Chihuahua and half Terrier) loves to play with stuffed animals, well, by play I mean rip their little stuffie guts out. We initially spent a lot of money on dog toys, many which he didn't play with. It was evident that stuffed animals were his favs, but buying… Continue reading Puppy Cuteness: Henry’s Toy Tip!

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Easy DIY Reversible Barbie Furniture

This easy DIY reversible Barbie Doll furniture made from a box is just a sneak preview of what will be part of my upcoming Barbie's Groovy Pad project. I wanted to highlight this particular piece first because its something that kids can easily make and best of all this piece of furniture is reversible for… Continue reading Easy DIY Reversible Barbie Furniture

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Book Review: Loyal In Love by Jean Plaidy (Historical Fiction)

Loyal In Love by Jean Plaidy is a historical fiction novel that tells the story of Henrietta Maria, the wife of Charles l of England. If you aren’t familiar with Henrietta, you likely aren’t the only one, she is not well known nor a popular figure in historical fiction novels or movies and yet………. this seemingly harmless, somewhat over indulged French Princess inadvertently plays a notable part in the rise of Oliver Cromwell and his support to overthrow the English Monarchy.

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Barbie Doll No-Sew Cushions and DIY Patio Furniture

Check out this wonderful easy to make Barbie Doll patio set with a rattan sofa and no sew cushions. If you follow my blog (please do!) you'll know that my passion is turning something old into something new. I'm also passionate about inspiring children and Barbie enthusiasts of all ages to make their own furniture… Continue reading Barbie Doll No-Sew Cushions and DIY Patio Furniture

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Edmonton Ice-Castles: How “Cool” Is This!

Edmonton is proud to be the home to the only Canadian Ice Castle and it's reputation as an award winning attraction is well deserved. There's no chance of it melting early in 2019 since this year has been a record breaking marathon of freezing whether; the worst stretch since 1979! We sure had a great… Continue reading Edmonton Ice-Castles: How “Cool” Is This!

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A Note Worthy DIY Project

Project Contributor Lulu Spencer Are you one of those people that likes to have notepads or notebooks for your to-do list? Despite the convenience of notes on our phones there are still the diehards like myself that prefer a real note pads when it comes to staying organized. A week or so ago I was… Continue reading A Note Worthy DIY Project

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Frozen Watermelon and Canned Peach Slushie

Did you know you can freeze watermelon? I buy it on sale in the summer and chop it up and put it into freezer bags. It blends down to the perfect consistency in the blender so no ice needed! This quick and easy to make delicious Slushie is always a hit and you don't have… Continue reading Frozen Watermelon and Canned Peach Slushie

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The Decorating “Blues” You Will Love

I thought I would share a few of my past posts that include some aspect of decorating with blue. When I was looking back I was surprised how I incorporated it in all the places where I relax most. While my main living area is all done in very earthy tones and that is calming… Continue reading The Decorating “Blues” You Will Love

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12 Inspirations for Multi-Colored Party Themes

Have you ever found yourself wanting to decorate for a party or celebration but you can't decide which color for the theme? How about a range of colors! I'm always drawn to bright colors and lots of them but for some reason I tend to stick to one or two when I'm decorating for a… Continue reading 12 Inspirations for Multi-Colored Party Themes

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Barbie’s DIY Valentines Day Adventure: An Up-cycled Love Story

I was going through some older DIY Barbie-Doll posts and thought given that I have a majority of new followers since my return to blogging, this might be the ideal way to share with you some of my previous Barbie Doll up-cycled projects that fit in with the Valentines Day theme and highlight some of… Continue reading Barbie’s DIY Valentines Day Adventure: An Up-cycled Love Story

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Easy DIY Valentine’s Cupcake Toppers

It's almost the big day! This project is great for any age or skill level. The cute, easy to make cupcake toppers are a great addition to your cupcake display and best of all - they're re-usable! I previously did a Christmas Cupcake Topper blog and I decided every holiday deserves its own recognition. Valentines… Continue reading Easy DIY Valentine’s Cupcake Toppers

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The Great Ladybug Challenge/Exhibition!

This is such a great idea and a fun challenge and anyone can join in! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get authors, potters, photographers, artists, song writers, bakers, poets, knitters, sewers and all sorts of other creative WordPress bloggers together to see what everyone’s personal expression of a Ladybug would be! I’d like to thank… Continue reading The Great Ladybug Challenge/Exhibition!

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Valentines Cookies Your Sweetheart Will Love!

If you have to bake cookies for a school party or you want to bake something special for the ones you love this Valentines Day, these cookies are quick and easy to make and taste delicious. I've been using this recipe for at least twenty-five years and it never fails me. The cookies are always… Continue reading Valentines Cookies Your Sweetheart Will Love!

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DIY Upcycled Sweater Projects

These easy, no-sew projects made with an old sweater and free finds from the Reuse Center are a great way to decorate containers that you can use for all sorts of things! I cut the end of the sleeves off and flipped the cuff over the top rim. If you just cut the length leaving… Continue reading DIY Upcycled Sweater Projects

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Easy DIY Valentines Chocolates & Drink Dippers

What goes better at Valentines than chocolates! These easy to make chocolates are perfect to put out on a dessert plate or transform them into drink dippers for your coffee, hot chocolate or add to your Baileys and Kahlua

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DIY Up-Cycled Valentines Decorating Ideas

I was at the Eco-Station onsite Reuse Center a while back and discovered they now have a Reuse building on-site where you can take what you want for free. I found a great selection of glass containers that were ideal to decorate for Valentines Day. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to try… Continue reading DIY Up-Cycled Valentines Decorating Ideas

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Quick and Easy Pickled Bell Peppers

Pickled Bell Peppers are my fav! This simple recipe is quick and easy so you can make these and enjoy them the same day or store them in the fridge for a several weeks. They taste amazing and make a great side dish, add to salads, pizza, enchiladas or your favorite recipes or just snack! No matter how you eat them, these pickled peppers are delicious. The rich vibrant colors are always a great addition to a dinner table or for plating.

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DIY Plant Stand Make-Over

I was doing my useful Thrift Store run on the weekend looking for new project ideas and I found this wonderful black metal plant stand for $3.99. I also found a beautiful, bright and colorful large bowl for $2.50 and for under $7.00 and in 1 minute I was able to transform an old plant stand into a beautiful new plant stand and a unique addition to my home décor. No glue, no tools, no fuss and no muss, the bowl just fit right in!

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Historical Fiction Book Review: The Queens Lover by Vanora Bennett

If you want to snuggle up with a good read, this is it. Journey along with Catherine from a shy, neglected teenage princess in turbulent France to a Queen of England and all the tribulations and sacrifices that come along with that only to end in a most unexpected love story from which the Tudor royal lineage begins. Beyond where this novel ends Owen will face the ultimate sacrifice for his love but that’s another story…….

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DIY Fall Forest Fairy

I came across an old doll at the Edmonton Re-use Centre, she must have been a cake topper given she had no legs. There she was at the bottom of a bin, with her dirty face staring up at me pleading with me to take her.  I couldn't leave her there so I decided to… Continue reading DIY Fall Forest Fairy

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Trash to Treasure Barbie Doll Beach Chair

In under 3 minutes for under $2.00 Barbie is ready to relax in the sun! No sewing, no gluing and no time at all! I found this at the Thrift Store. I'm not sure if its a folder holder, a dish rack or something else but I do know it has the makings of a perfect… Continue reading Trash to Treasure Barbie Doll Beach Chair

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What Your Fresh-Cut Flowers Want You To Know!

I can't be the only one who's been given a beautiful bouquet of flowers only to find them drooping two days later! It use to make me so frustrated until I finally  discovered how to extend their life and vibrancy. Before I knew it, my wilted cut flower disappointments were a thing of the past.… Continue reading What Your Fresh-Cut Flowers Want You To Know!

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DIY Up-Cycled Barbie Doll Float Tube

The InspirationOne garage sale and one Styrofoam craft ring in a surprise bag and my inspiration struck. We love floating on tubes at the lake so why shouldn't Barbie! I  likes projects that are reasonably simple and fast to make and this project fits the bill. I would give it a medium level of difficulty… Continue reading DIY Up-Cycled Barbie Doll Float Tube

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DIY Barbie Patio Set From Re-purposed Dollar Store Finds

In under 30 minutes and for under $5.00 I was able to put together a great little one of a kind patio set that Barbie can use to enjoy those lazy summer days!

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How To Make A Baby Blanket With Adorable Appliques

Who doesn't appreciate receiving a hand made gift for their little one? With these easy to follow steps you can make a unique and beautiful baby blanket like this one by Lulu Spencer and it's sure to be a hit with mom and baby alike.

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Thinking Outside The Vase

I'm always in search of new and creative ways to display cut flowers. Here are some beautiful and unique ideas that are sure to inspire you to "think outside of the vase" Using a gourd is a great idea and fits in perfectly for Thanksgiving Dinner Barrels and baskets are always a winning combination particularly… Continue reading Thinking Outside The Vase

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Easy DIY Sparkling Barbie Doll Purses

What Barbie doesn't like a fabulous  collection of designer hand bags?  Make these super cute and easy Barbie doll purses and create your own line of Barbie designer dreams bags! Each bag takes less than a minute to make, the supplies are available at most dollar or craft stores and no sewing required! This would… Continue reading Easy DIY Sparkling Barbie Doll Purses

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Easy, No-Sew DIY Barbie Doll Couch

If you can cut out some cardboard, glue fabric to it and fold - you will enjoy making these easy and  beautiful Barbie sofas! I was inspired to try this project after watching a video tutorial from My Froggy Stuff  With some cardboard, glue, stuffing, ribbon and  a small amount of left over fabric,  I… Continue reading Easy, No-Sew DIY Barbie Doll Couch

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Simple and Elegant Fall Arrangement

Well it's that time of year again and fall leaves abound so here's an example of an easy fall arrangements that brings autumn beauty indoors. Fill a vase or glass container with some leaves then add a few twigs and you have yourself an elegant addition to your fall home decor! Gather up the kids and go for… Continue reading Simple and Elegant Fall Arrangement

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DIY Barbie Bath Towel Collection Tutorial

I've had a number of requests to share some Barbie DIY projects that are easy enough for kids or moms and grandmas to make with their little Barbie enthusiast even if they have no experience crafting. DIY No Sew Towel Set for Barbie Doll made with baby face clothes and ribbon. Tiny glitter bottles make perfect Barbie Doll shampoo and conditioner accessories.This fun, easy and affordable project is… Continue reading DIY Barbie Bath Towel Collection Tutorial

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Garden or No Garden? U-Pick!

If you don't have a garden, don't want a garden, or don't know how to garden but still want healthy and locally grown, fresh food for the best price; the U-Pick option might be for you! I recently spent the afternoon at a U-Pick Farm with my husband, daughter and grandson and had a wonderful time making memories. For only… Continue reading Garden or No Garden? U-Pick!

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DIY Lily Fairy

This once abandoned doll turned beautiful flower fairy is a great addition to any flower-pot! This past Easter, I wanted to come up with a special gift for my daughter who is both hosting an Easter brunch and just happens to be a fan of Lilies and Fairies. Using a silk lily and 5 "… Continue reading DIY Lily Fairy

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DIY Barbie Doll Hair Salon

This scene was inspired by the two chairs which were originally candle holders that I purchased for under a dollar at a garage sale. That same day I also found the polka dot fabric at a garage sale down the lane and there the vision was born. This project is a compilation of re-purposed elements and… Continue reading DIY Barbie Doll Hair Salon

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Repurposed Solutions That Keep Your Accessories Organized

Like so many of us I am always excited to discover a better way of organizing my things and when I can re-purpose something while doing so, it’s all the sweeter!! Here are a few creative ideas that came to me when I was doing a bedroom make-over. #1 Reused CD Tower for High-Rise Shoe… Continue reading Repurposed Solutions That Keep Your Accessories Organized

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How To Use Left Over Wall Paint for Decor Accents

I was recently working on a bedroom decorating project   and found myself struggling with the "blues" - working with a color that offers a range of subtle variation makes it challenging to find those perfect accents to match. If you too are facing this decorating dilemma, consider visiting your local thrift shop or use some decor items… Continue reading How To Use Left Over Wall Paint for Decor Accents

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And The Cutest Easter Award Goes To….

Happy Easter Everyone. I hope you enjoy your celebrations and time with friends and family. Here's a bit of Easter cuteness to start your holiday off with a smile! Which one is your favorite? Don't forget to "hop" on over to more of my Easter blogs  

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Adorable Easter Bunny Free Pattern

There are so many wonderful variation of the Easter Bunny but this little bunny is just too cute. Lulu Spencer was kind enough to once again be a contributor and share her Easter Bunny free pattern. When I first saw the picture of her Easter Bunny my heart melted. There is something so innocent and… Continue reading Adorable Easter Bunny Free Pattern

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“Simply” Creative Easter Flower Arrangements

It's Easter time and that means family getting together and celebrating and it also means Spring flowers! Here are some beautiful inspirations to display your Easter flowers in unique and creative ways. Sometimes keeping it simple is simply beautiful. Don't forget to check out my blog "What Your Fresh Flowers Want You to Know!" for… Continue reading “Simply” Creative Easter Flower Arrangements

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Fun, Easy Easter Crafts With Duck Tape

I was looking through my Easter supplies and found some Easter patterned duck tape (patterned duct tape) from the Dollar Tree that I had used a few years back for some project which I'll share with you below and decided it was time to put what little was left to good use so there's something… Continue reading Fun, Easy Easter Crafts With Duck Tape