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"Sew" Many Good Ideas for Christmas Gifts

Guest Blog by Lulu Spencer There is nothing quite as wonderful as receiving a home made gift and especially when it is beautiful and useful at the same time! Here are a few inspirations and ideas for machine sewn projects that make great Christmas gifts. #1 Pot Holders and Hot Pads Some fabric can get… Continue reading "Sew" Many Good Ideas for Christmas Gifts

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Decorate DIY Barbie Doll Christmas Tree Version #2

Some of you might remember my blog DIY Christmas Tree that Barbie Can Decorate Herself and now there is version #2! All of the supplies are available at the Dollar Tree and it's a fun, easy and interactive project that your Barbie enthusiast will love. I've been so exhausted after the heart attack that I'm… Continue reading Decorate DIY Barbie Doll Christmas Tree Version #2

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Mother Nature Approved Christmas Decorating Inspirations

As we learn more about the need to care for our planet eco-friendly Christmas decorating ideas are becoming more and more popular. Every year the stores seem to stock shelves stuffed with plastic or synthetic Christmas decorations and gift wraps. As beautiful as it all is and as tempting as it is to buy there… Continue reading Mother Nature Approved Christmas Decorating Inspirations

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What To Do With Twelve Rubber Turkeys At Thanksgiving

In Canada, we've already had our Thanksgiving but it's just around the corner for our American friends so Happy Thanksgiving to all of you there. This fall I was dealing with some medical issues and was pretty exhausted so we kept things simple and went to the lake and roasted turkey dogs with cranberries which… Continue reading What To Do With Twelve Rubber Turkeys At Thanksgiving

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And The Cutest Easter Award Goes To….

Happy Easter Everyone. I hope you enjoy your celebrations and time with friends and family. Here's a bit of Easter cuteness to start your holiday off with a smile! Which one is your favorite? Don't forget to "hop" on over to more of my Easter blogs  

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Adorable Easter Bunny Free Pattern

There are so many wonderful variation of the Easter Bunny but this little bunny is just too cute. Lulu Spencer was kind enough to once again be a contributor and share her Easter Bunny free pattern. When I first saw the picture of her Easter Bunny my heart melted. There is something so innocent and… Continue reading Adorable Easter Bunny Free Pattern

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“Simply” Creative Easter Flower Arrangements

It's Easter time and that means family getting together and celebrating and it also means Spring flowers! Here are some beautiful inspirations to display your Easter flowers in unique and creative ways. Sometimes keeping it simple is simply beautiful. Don't forget to check out my blog "What Your Fresh Flowers Want You to Know!" for… Continue reading “Simply” Creative Easter Flower Arrangements

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Easter Egg Lady Bugs

Having participated in The Great Lady Bug Challenge (more on that below ) not long ago, I've had lady bugs on my mind ever since so I decided to see what a Lady Bug Easter Egg would look like. What a fun little project. The shape of an egg lends itself perfectly to a Lady… Continue reading Easter Egg Lady Bugs

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Fun, Easy Easter Crafts With Duck Tape

I was looking through my Easter supplies and found some Easter patterned duck tape (patterned duct tape) from the Dollar Tree that I had used a few years back for some project which I'll share with you below and decided it was time to put what little was left to good use so there's something… Continue reading Fun, Easy Easter Crafts With Duck Tape

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15 Easter Decorating Ideas Using Nature’s Supplies

Easter decorating is traditionally all about the colors. Stores are full of bright decorations, chocolate wrappers, colorful baskets, dyed eggs, fluffy yellow chicks, multi-colored spring flower arrangements, candles, wrapping paper, table clothes, napkins and Happy Easter banners all in variations of pastel purples, pinks, yellows, blues and greens. So what does Easter look like decorated… Continue reading 15 Easter Decorating Ideas Using Nature’s Supplies