Easy DIY Reversible Barbie Furniture

This easy DIY reversible Barbie Doll furniture made from a box is just a sneak preview of what will be part of my upcoming Barbie’s Groovy Pad project. I wanted to highlight this particular piece first because its something that kids can easily make and best of all this piece of furniture is reversible for double the fun!

I found this pink box at the Reuse Centre on Argyll over a year ago and I finally put it to good use! It’s the perfect pink for Barbie. You might not be able to find a pink box but you could cover any box in wrapping paper – that would work too!

I was going to use large round beads for the legs but when I was digging through my supplies I found these toe these toe nail polish pads from the Dollar Tree that you use to separate your toes while applying polish. Well it turns out they make perfect legs for furniture! A reminder here that they could be pulled off by a small child and be a choking hazard so something like this would be for an older child. If you want to make this for a younger child, my suggestion would be to not add legs.

For one side of the cabinet I used zebra print Duck tape from the Dollar Tree and just applied them to the box to look like cabinet doors. I used stick on jewels also from the Dollar Tree store for handles.

On the reverse side I used sticky back foam from the Dollar Tree store and cut out a few shapes for cabinet drawers and cupboards and just stuck them on. You can see they’re not very even but after I work all day on the computer and finally get to my crafts later in the evening I’m as blind as a bat but here’s the thing – kids don’t judge these things, they are so excited to get them they don’t notice the flaws and its always a great reminder that fun is the goal not perfection.

You’ll see I’ve made a few accessories. None of them are appropriate for small children but older kids can have fun making them and playing with them and they work great for dioramas. I made the lamp from a cylinder piece of foam that I found at the Reuse Centre but you could use a piece of a foam curler. It’s attached with a piece of a plastic skewer inserted into the foam lamp shade at the top and  a piece of an orange eraser for the base. The little vases are just made from beads and the shopping bag was made on a Cricket.

I can’t wait to share the complete Barbie’s Groovy Pad with you – coming soon!

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22 thoughts on “Easy DIY Reversible Barbie Furniture”

  1. Hi Ravisingh – Your are so kind and sweet to check in!!! I’ve missed keeping up with your brilliant blogs! I was working on a research/writing . I wasn’t planning to disappear lol it just worked out that way, one day I just felt inspired to go back to my writing and was suddenly finding my extra available time normally used for blogging was getting taken. I so appreciate you taking time to check in on me!!!!!!!


  2. Big thanks Christine. I’m glad you noticed the affordability factor. Anyone with a box and some Duck tape or markers or cut out colored paper glued on for cupboard drawers and doors could make this.

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  3. Big huge thanks Camie. I am always collecting weird odds and ends. When I start a project I have a rule – I have to use what I have on hand and it forces me to think differently. I was looking through my beads and wasn’t too inspired so then I needed to keep digging for an alternative for the cabinet legs and that’s how the toe guard legs came to be. Its like the saying goes – Necessity is the mother of invention (or something like that) lol Thanks for checking it out!

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  4. I know right – making furniture was so fun back in the day and now kids get all this plastic stuff and don’t need to draw on creative solutions the same way which was such a big part of the fun. Thank you so much Inese for that kind comment.


  5. Great to hear – I have really happy memories of my Barbies too – hours and hours of fun. My daughter wasn’t real keen on them – I was so disappointedand now no grand daughters – a cruel fate lol


  6. lol What a wonderful compliment. I wish I had a grand daughter – just boys boys and more boys in my family and extended family but fortunately I know a few people with girls. Thanks for checking it out!

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  7. I love everything about this. I think the ornaments on top and the lamp are really creative use of everyday items.

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