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Fun, Easy Easter Crafts With Duck Tape

I was looking through my Easter supplies and found some Easter patterned duck tape (patterned duct tape) from the Dollar Tree that I had used a few years back for some project which I’ll share with you below and decided it was time to put what little was left to good use so there’s something new too! These projects are all easy, fun, affordable and can be done by all ages and all skill levels, even with no previous craft experience.

Given there wasn’t much of the Easter tape left , I decided to decorate my coffee mug and water bottle. I just wrapped a strip of tape around and I was done! You could do this with drinking glasses, baby-bottles, travel-mug; there are lots of possibilities! The best thing here is that the tape can be peeled off when Easter is over and the minor residue left behind is easily removed with a bit of warm, soapy water. Your drinking containers can be your new accessories and you can change them up for every season or holiday!

The same concept of wrapping a piece of tape around applies to decorating candles, vases, candy-dishes and more! Add a bit of duck tape and embellish with ribbon or stickers to easily create beautiful Easter decor accents.

These little bows are super cute and really durable and versatile! Kids can add them to their headbands, hair clips, ponytail elastics and just about anywhere they’d like to have a bow. You can make all sorts of hair accessories to go with your little girl’s new Easter outfit and how about a matching one for her doll! Your furry friends might appreciate a bow of their own too. Visit my blog DIY Duct Tape Bows For Little Chics to see how easy they are to make.

If you’re looking for colorful and patterned duct tape (Typically Duck Tape brand) it isn’t always in the craft section like one would assume so be sure to check in automotives, paint and hardware sections because sometimes you’ll find it there mixed in with the regular duct tape. D
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23 thoughts on “Fun, Easy Easter Crafts With Duck Tape”

  1. Yummy! I was telling my girl friend about your blog and how you are doing a series on recipes from books you read that are from the past – she thought it was a brilliant idea too and it is!!!

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  2. I am really liking it! The little boy was so determined to have those puppies! So far, there will be a cornbread recipe… HAVE A SUPER WEEKEND!!!!!!

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  3. I LOVE WHERE THE RED FERNS GROW!! I cried and cried and cried lol It also had an big impression on me at an early age in regards to working hard for what you really want – it was the start of saving up for my first 10 speed bike lol Go for it!

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  4. Thank you for answering back! I might replace “Gone With The Wind”, with “Where the Red Fern Grows”, another book set in the south. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any one complaining about that book. Have a SUPER GREAT DAY!!!!!!

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  5. I really enjoyed Gone With The Wind – loved Scarlett and Rett. I guess the story has some painful reminders of oppression that some people would feel offended by but it was actually what gave me my first understanding and awareness that not all people were treated equally and anytime you get exposure to understanding oppression that’s a good thing but I’m sure others have a different take on it. Given I”m Canadian and don’t know enough on peoples views about this I’m not sure what the right thing to do is. As far as the bows, yes – sometimes you can get a sticky edge but if you just cut a sliver off the edge that will resolve it and give you a nice clean edge. Looking forward to your recipes no matter which book their from – it’s a brilliant concept connecting recipes to novels!!!

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  6. I just do what I do, I don’t know if that makes me especially talented. On the edges of the bows made from the tape, do you have a problem with sticky-ness of the tape? Just wondering. I’m working on another literary foods post, do you think people would get seriously upset If I included “Gone With The Wind”, on an expanded post for “Cold Mountain”? I have working recipes for hoecakes and boiled peanuts and a few other foods which were also eaten by the characters in “Gone With The Wind”, mainly because they had nothing else to eat after the Union Army burned their way across the Southern states. Some people really, really dislike “Gone With The Wind”, I think it’s a great book, Scarlett’s life spirals out of control set against the back drop of the Civil War and it’s aftermath. But, some people are very touchy about that book. I’m thinking it might be a better idea just to do the post on “Cold Mountain”, rather than risk upsetting people. I thought I’d see what you think before I go further with it. Both books are historically accurate and have great characters. Pondering…

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  7. Thanks Kathy! Easy, affordable and fun always works for me. I have the attention span of a Nat these days so projects I can complete in one sitting seem to work best for me. I appreciate your feedback – especially from someone as talented as you!!

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