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Puppy Cuteness: Henry’s Toy Tip!

Our little two year old Henry (half Chihuahua and half Terrier) loves to play with stuffed animals, well, by play I mean rip their little stuffie guts out. We initially spent a lot of money on dog toys, many which he didn’t play with. It was evident that stuffed animals were his favs, but buying them from the pet department or pet store was expensive given I didn’t know if he would even like it and the stuffed or faux fir toys weren’t the quality I would have expected given the price. If any of this sounds familiar, here’s a great solution!


Most Thrift Stores have a bin of stuffed animals, the small ones are usually around fifty-cents. Given Henry is inclined to remove limbs and stuffing, it’s an affordable alternative because they don’t last long. I make sure there are no plastic parts like eyes or noses or squeakers inside that he could remove and swallow. To be honest, most are in pristine, like new condition and a lot of them are already free of plastic eyes or choking hazards so they are safe for babies, especially the smaller ones. For $5.00 I can come home with a pile of awesome new stuffed toys and not worry that they likely won’t survive the week. The Dollar Tree also has some great little stuffed monkeys with long limbs which are his absolute favorites for a $1.00 in the toy section but he chews their limbs off in under ten minutes so it’s nice to be able to buy a bunch of additional, affordable, better quality stuffed animals that last longer than a day or two and if he doesn’t like one or more of them, at least I haven’t wasted any real amount of money on them. If you have a larger dog, you can find larger stuffed animals as well.

I’d also like to mention that yes, I appreciate that the stuffed animals donated to Thrift Stores are intended for children but I also know they are one of the most common children’s toy donation so there is always several big bins full every time I go and they are priced to move because more keep coming every day and they need to keep stock moving so they have space for incoming donations. I feel confident that buying a bag of stuffed animals now and again isn’t going to leave a child in need without a selection to choose from and my purchases go to Thrift Stores that support local charities.

We’re lucky that Henry doesn’t have any interest in eating the stuffing, just removing it. It’s a great way to keep him active and stimulated, especially during the long winter months. There’s a whole lot of shaking going on.

25 thoughts on “Puppy Cuteness: Henry’s Toy Tip!”

  1. our chi charley cant rip much anymore, he is down to 3 teeth lol, but even with a mouthful he liked dragging them to his bed and gnawing on them only. now his sister the collie lab, she murders any toy with stuffing ( even expensive pet store ones) we’ve always purchased charley’s toys at the thrift store and occasionally let lux have a go at one! lol

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      1. Haha. And he manages great they both get moist food for breakfast then dry for supper. Charleys are tiny kibbles. We found blue wilderness “dental stix” they are soft so he feela like a big boy woth his treats still. Lux has a toy box full of kongs bones and antlers. She gets dentastix too but you will find her 99.9% of the time with the cats or charleys toys in her mouth lol.

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