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A Little Bit of This & Little Bit of That

It's been awhile since I've blogged and I've missed the WordPress community and all the wonderful blogs written by all of you. Where have I been? Back in time! I suddenly felt inspired to return to my research and writing on historical Calgary and when the inspiration hits me, I run with it. I had… Continue reading A Little Bit of This & Little Bit of That

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Puppy Cuteness: Henry’s Toy Tip!

Our little two year old Henry (half Chihuahua and half Terrier) loves to play with stuffed animals, well, by play I mean rip their little stuffie guts out. We initially spent a lot of money on dog toys, many which he didn't play with. It was evident that stuffed animals were his favs, but buying… Continue reading Puppy Cuteness: Henry’s Toy Tip!

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Fall Confessions of a Crafter

It's true, summer is over and the leaves are changing. Well at least here in Edmonton where we already have snow! And while spirits plummet all around me along with the temperature, I have to confess, I'm kinda of liking it! A busy summer visiting friends and family at the lake has come to an… Continue reading Fall Confessions of a Crafter