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10 Amazing Barbie Doll Projects Made With Thrift Store Finds

I really enjoy going to the Thrift Store or garage sales and finding an old outdated items that I can turn into Barbie furniture with just a wee bit of creativity and almost no work at all. My hope is that I inspire moms with kids who are Barbie enthusiasts to try turning something old into something new. Sometimes all it takes is a few inspirations and when you see how easy it can be, you’ll be encouraging your youngest to give it a try or maybe even trying it yourself! There is nothing better than watching a child embrace their creativity and going on the treasure hunt doesn’t have to mean the Thrift Store, you probably have things around the house or in a box in the garage waiting for your next garage sales.

So…… lets turn this

Barbie Doll upcycle trash to treasure the before picture

Into this!

Barbie Doll up-cycled trash to treasure furniture and accessories

#1 Table & Chairs
I’m not even sure what these were (I think candle holders?) but for $1.00 each I was confident I’d come up with something! After I played around with them for a while, I decided a table and stools would be perfect. I cut out some foam for a seat cover and added a small round mirror from the Dollar Tree that I had kicking around and in no time at all Barbie has herself a stylish table and chairs. Glass is great for diorama photo shoots but not so safe for kids so I would encourage little people to use a lid from a jar or cardboard cut out for the table top.

Barbie Doll DIY up-cycle candle holders into table and stools

Another item I’m unfamiliar with (where have I been all my life?) I just flipped over the copper insert and now and awesome barbeque!

Barbie Doll DIY up-cycle BBQ

#3 Coffee Table
Some of you might remember this from my DIY Barbie Hotel Room. I turned a candle holder into a bedside table with two easy steps. First I cut a strip of paper to size and folded and inserted it, then placed the lid from a necklace box over the top and in just a few minutes Barbie has a lovely bedside or coffee table.

Barbie Doll DIY up-cycled candle holder into bedside table

#4 Wooden Rocking Chairs
These chairs are already perfect for Barbie! I see these every now and again at the Thrift Store. You can paint them or add these easy cushions! I just used these colored scrub pads from the Dollar Tree and it worked great. They come in lots of different colors so your little Barbie designer can easily change them because they just tuck right in and no sewing or gluing required

Barbie Doll DIY wooden rocking chairs with scrub pad cushions

#5 Jewellery Box Make-Up Vanity
This little jewelry box makes a perfect make-up vanity. I just placed it on top of a silver metal candle holder and now Barbie has a place to get ready for the day!

Barbie Doll DIY up-cycled jewellery box into vanity

#6 Napkin Holder Coffee Table
This coffee table is from my blog Easy No Sew DIY Barbie Couch. It is two vintage napkin holders glued together. So easy and stylish!

-Barbie Doll DIY up-cycled vintage napkin holders into coffee table

#7 Jewellery Box Drawer Fancy Cabinet
This little cabinet was a drawer from a child’s jewelry box, I found several of them at the Reuse Centre that were just laying in a bin. Each drawer was painted a different color and had a painted embellishment so perfect for making Barbie furniture. For this pink cabinet just stood the drawer up on end and inserted a little silver box and added a few stick-on jewels and it’s a perfect little addition to Barbies décor!

Barbie Doll DIY Upcycled Jewellery box drawer into cabinet.
Barbie Doll DIY Upcycled Jewellery box drawer into cabinet.

#8 Spice Rack Sofa Wish Jewellery Box Drawer Side Tables
You can find lots of different little wooden jewellery boxes at garage sales and Thrift Stores. Here’s an example of using the jewellery box drawers as side table for a DIY spice rack couch. This couch is also made from a Thrift Store spice or condiment rack I found a while back with a faux green leather seat made from an old purse. I just stood the jewellery box drawers up against the arms of the sofa and they make perfect side tables with no work at all!

Barbie Doll DIY Upcycled Spice Rack Sofa With Girls Jewellery Box Drawer Side Tables

# 9 Vintage Photo-Album Holder Swivel Fireplace/Fishtank
I really like this piece! This was from my DIY Barbie Hotel Room blog as well. This was made from a vintage mini photo album holder. I removed the photo album which was attached to the inside of the top lid and then had a double sided swiveling cabinet to use for a fireplace/fishtank. I use this for diorama photo’s but if making it for or with a child, I would suggest removing the glass in the display windows and just leaving the photos exposed for safety reasons.

I didn’t take a picture of the before but I found one that is similar to give you an idea of what it initially looked like. You can find these in Thrift Stores every now and again.

I printed off a picture of a fire and a fish tank and glued them to a bigger piece of backing. Next, I just inserted the pictures on the backing (cardboard or paper works) and glued them to the inside of the front and back. Now Barbie can swivel it either way for a fish tank, a fireplace or she could even turn it into a T.V.!

Barbie Doll DIY upcycled fireplace and fishtank from mini photo album holder

#10 Outdoor Chiminea
This is such a great find! It is an unused incense burner that makes a perfect stylish and modern Barbie Doll patio Chiminea! I just added some little pieces of wood or you could insert one of those tea lights with switch to turn on and off

DIY Barbie Doll up-cycle outdoor chiminea – trash to treasure Thrift Store creations

I hope I’ve inspired you to look at something old in a new way!

10 Trash to Treasure Barbie Doll Projects #barbiedol

If you know a little Barbie enthusiast that might enjoy this please share! It’s great for the environment, it’s great for creative minds and it results in great Barbie accessories for little or no work or cost! These would make great gifts too. In addition to the fun of making things is the fun finding things – share some special time together and go on your own treasure hunt in the basement, garage, junk-drawer, grandmas house or Thrift store! These are just ideas or inspirations to get you started on the idea of looking at old things in a new way. Warning: Once you get started it’s addicting!

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    1. Big thank you! I have nothing but grandsons who aren’t interested at all – go figure, but they sure enjoy coming here to work on their various school projects that involve making dioramas or models.


  1. Girl these are amazing!! I’m not super crafty at all, but these look like something even I can do and my girls would love it! They definitely need that fireplace/tv!!

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      1. Have you ever thought about making YouTube videos? Kids love watching those videos. And adults do too for this kind of thing!

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