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How To Make A Hair Salon For Barbie

By Starr Durrant

How to Make A Hair Salon For Barbie
How to Make A Hair Salon For Barbie

This scene was inspired by the two chairs which were originally candle holders that I purchased for under a dollar at a garage sale. That same day I also found the polka dot fabric at a garage sale down the lane and there the vision was born. This project is a compilation of re-purposed elements and found objects. Learn how to make a Kleenex box with an eraser, a curling iron and blow dryer from pen parts and more!

Beauty Station
This is a box covered in sparkly pink paper – the counter top is a bracelet box lid and the upright is a the lid to an old music box embellished with jewels from the dollar store for bling. The mirror is an old coaster.

Series 3-7 Pink Salon - Copy (2) - Copy
These are two picture hooks bent into shape glued with hot glue

Kleenex Box
A piece of eraser with tissue glued on top

Towel Set
This is a piece of a baby blanket – folded and wrapped in a ribbon

Perfume Bottles
Large Bottle is made with beads – the two smaller ones were finds at a garage sale

Curling Iron
This is made from pieces from various pens – black electric tape for the handle and string for the cord. I used the rubber plug from a pen as a holder.

Series 3-7 Pink Salon - Copy (2)

Hair Dryer
This is made with pieces of pens and two buttons and string. I glued two pink small buttons together with a black string in between and found a small silver hoop from a pen lid to add on the side. The nozzle is also make from pen parts. The stand is a pen plug flipped upside down.

Series 3-7 Pink Salon

The chairs as I mentioned were candle holders – I covered a small piece of foam in fabric and glued it in place of the tea-lite. I also glued on a few jewels for a bit of bling

Magazine Stand
A shampoo lid flipped upside down embellished with jewels. The table top has a piece of sparkly paper and a vase made from a pen lid. The floral arrangement is from an old floral display.

A great find at the recycle center!!

Re-purposed gift bag and jewels for embellishment

Walls and Floor
Scrap book paper and trim is foam board.

Hint – Keep old pens, and odd and ends from packaging or other things you typically would throw out in a baggy so you have lots of different little pieces to use when you create Barbie accessories.

Series 3-1 Pink Salon

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3 thoughts on “How To Make A Hair Salon For Barbie”

  1. I love the fact that you can take the strangest things and turn them into something a little girl would LOVE to play with. Why weren’t you making this stuff when I was still playing with Barbies. Absolutely beautiful cuz

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