Barbie Doll No-Sew Cushions and DIY Patio Furniture

Check out this wonderful easy to make Barbie Doll patio set with a rattan sofa and no sew cushions. If you follow my blog (please do!) you’ll know that my passion is turning something old into something new. I’m also passionate about inspiring children and Barbie enthusiasts of all ages to make their own furniture and accessories by re-purposing and re-cycling found treasures from thrift stores, garage sales and the re-use centre . You might not find the exact same item but my goal is to present possibilities that ignite your imagination and inspire you to look at old things in a new way.

So lets start with the BEFORE A collection of items from the Thrift store and re-use centre

And here is the AFTER

No-sewing (hot glue and or tacky glue required)
Cost $12.000,
Time 40 minutes
Skill Level – Easy

The Rattan Patio Sofa was made from a wonderful little wicker box from the Thrift Store. I flipped the box over and used the lid for the back of the sofa.

To add stability to the sofa back I glued on 2 Janga blocks and cut out and glued on a piece of cardboard.

The No-Sew Cushions are so easy to make. I used Dollar Tree soft scrub pads for the inside of the cushion or use them just as they are – they come in a variety of colors.

NO SEW Cushion/Pillow Video Tutorial

Watch my video to learn how to make these super easy cushions/pillows and please share with any little Barbie enthusiasts you know.

The Patio Lounger is a metal platter or decor item for candles or wood/glass balls. I just cut out a piece of fabric about a 1/2″ bigger than the surface and glued it on with tacky glue wrapping it around the edges.

The Trellis was a perfect fit. I don’t know what it originally was but it was a great find and I didn’t have to do a thing!

I added an my up-cycled BBQ (was originally an unused oil lamp now copper bowl flipped over) and the Outdoor Chimea (originally an incense burner but never used) from 10 Amazing Barbie Doll Projects Made With Thrift Store Finds and she’s got everything she needs to entertain in her backyard this summer!

This is good for the environment, fun, affordable, easy and a great way to spend quality fun time with and for kids encourage creativity and reusing.

I hope this inspires you to share some special time with your little one out on a treasure hunt and making fun and easy Barbie accessories by turning something old into something new. Go through your junk drawer or boxes of things you’ve put aside to for your own garage sale – you might be surprised what you have around the house. Children are so creative, you just have to give them a few ideas and off they go making beautiful things that can be much nicer than most things you can buy or if you like crafting you make a special one of a kind gift. Don’t forget to watch how to make no sew cushions!

If you’re interested in making easy and super cute doll clothes you have to visit for free doll clothes patterns and for all sizes and types of dolls and sewing tip tutorials.

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  1. Awww! I have 3 boys and a girl (all grown up) thrn 8 nieces lol between my brother then hubz sister lol…my boys were desperate for a boy cousin lol but wasnt meant to be.

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  2. Thank you! I’m glad this brings back that memory. Unfortunately I have a family full of boy grandsons and my daughter and nieces are grown but there are two sets of girl twins I know that are each getting a bunch of things that I’ve built up over the last 6 months so they’ll be getting a big haul when we see them and then I can make space and start again πŸ™‚


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