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DIY Barbie Doll Exercise and Workout Equipment

I was asked to do a series of beginner Barbie projects that kids and moms/grandmas with no crafting experience could do together. This Work-out set is a great DIY project for Barbie enthusiastic of all ages incorporating reused and re-purposed elements or things readily available from dollar or crafts store.

DIY Barbie Doll Exercise Workout Equipment

This is a fast and affordable project that would be a great gift for that someone special or a wonderful project to work on with your child or grandchild. There are so many more possibilities to add or adapt to the basic concept – maybe some hand weights or large exercise ball? Get searching through those junk drawers and bits and pieces of this and that scattered at the bottom of the toy box and get inspired to turn something old into something new!

DIY Barbie Doll Exercise and Workout Equipment


The yoga mat is made from a piece of pink foam (available at most dollar or craft stores). It’s embellished with patterned pink & black DUCK Tape  also available at dollar or craft stores.

This is a pink eraser covered in pink and black zebra DUCK tape. There is a piece of pink foam on the bottom so it can be reversed for preference.

A black string with the pink plugs from the end of two pens glued on as handles.

A black string with two pink mini elastic used for braces tied to the end. I got these in a package of various colors  at a garage sale but they are also available at the pharmacy or dollar store.

This was made from the bendy accordion like section of a flexible straw with black tape on the ends.

Plastic bracelet rescued from recycle center makes a perfect hoola-hoop. These are available in various colors at most dollar stores.

The pink medicine ball and the water bottle come from my bin of recycle possibilities – the little things I collect to reuse from garage sales, second-hand stores or the recycle center.

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