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How To Use Left Over Wall Paint for Decor Accents

I was recently working on a bedroom decorating project   and found myself struggling with the “blues” – working with a color that offers a range of subtle variation makes it challenging to find those perfect accents to match.

DIY Robin Egg Blue Use Left Over Wall Paint for Decor Accents #bedroom_decor #blue #wallpaint #reuse #decor_accents #DIY #Vase #candle #shabby_chic #tipsandtricks #howto

If you too are facing this decorating dilemma, consider visiting your local thrift shop or use some decor items that you aren’t currently using elsewhere and give them a makeover using left over paint from your accent walls. Old or bedraggled chairs, mirrors, vases and candle holders that have been relegated to the storage room can easily be transformed into beautiful decor accents.

DIY Robin Egg Blue Use Left Over Wall Paint for Decor Accents #bedroom_decor #blue #wallpaint #reuse #decor_accents #DIY #Vase #candle #shabby_chic #tipsandtricks #howto

The items above were all dug out of the basement of found at a local thrift shop. The mirror was previously a washed out brown; I painted it in a solid blue with the left over wall paint and added some sticky backed jewels available in most dollar or craft stores to give it a bit of bling. The candle holders and vase I also painted solid blue and accented with a silver paint pen (available in most craft stores and some dollar stores) once I was happy with how things looked, I also added a few jewels here and there for a bit of sparkle.  There are no rules here – play around a bit and if you don’t like it you can just repaint it in minutes. I didn’t use any primer – just put the latex wall paint directly on the wood, metal or ceramic surface of each item and it adhered well to all.

DIY Robin Egg Blue Use Left Over Wall Paint for Decor Accents #bedroom_decor #blue #wallpaint #reuse #decor_accents #DIY #Vase #candle #shabby_chic #tipsandtricks #howto

Easily give an old chair a make-over and in under half an hour,  create a beautiful shabby chic room accent piece. It was an unused black wooden chair forgotten in the basement. I simply dipped a two-inch brush into the paint and brushed it across the surface keeping my brush strokes as parallel to each other as possible. You want to work with as little paint on the brush as you can and just make easy sweeps back and forth. Again – I used no primer. Leave enough of the base color showing through to create a worn or vintage appearance.  This has turned out to be a great place to stack my bed cushions at night!

Easy Shabby Chic Chair DIY Robin Egg Blue Use Left Over Wall Paint for Decor Accents #bedroom_decor #blue #wallpaint #reuse #decor_accents #DIY #Vase #candle #shabby_chic #tipsandtricks #howto

So the next time you’re painting a room, save the left over paint to created beautiful matching décor accents and give those old items you have stored away for the next garage sale another look with a new perspective.

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