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DIY Ladybug Pin-Cushion/Sewing Kit

This was a super fun little project I did for a ladybug challenge. I was able to upcycle a few things and I always like it when I can use something old and turn it into something new, but you can find the supplies you need at any dollar store.

What You Need
– Small oval jewellery Box (You can find oval boxes at most Dollar Stores)
– Red fabric (I used a section of an old scarf)
– Glue
– Black Ribbon
– Black foam curler
– Black cut out circles (I used thin shells from an old necklace)
– 2 eyes
– Small sewing kit (Can buy at the Dollar store)
– Stuffing (You could mold tinfoil and it would keep the pins sharp Looking back I wished I done that!)


Step One
Glue stuffing to top of box and cover in fabric, also gluing the fabric to the edge of the lid.

Step Two
Glue a strip of black ribbon down the center of the lady bug and around the bottom edge of the lid.

Step Three
Add black dots – you can make them from whatever you have available – foam, cardboard etc. You can find colored circles of all colors and sizes at most dollar stores

Step Four
Cut a black foam curler to the shape that works and clue to the front

Step Five
Glue on 2 eyes

42 thoughts on “DIY Ladybug Pin-Cushion/Sewing Kit”

  1. I cannot do it now, I am building a kitchen for my granddaughter. At least trying with one leg on a scooter…hahahaa. My idea: A lady bug, it’s wings can move out to the sides to expose a small hole……this hole is the one on a door you peek out of to see who’s at the door! Really easy, and cute for anyone into ladybugs! Is that a weird idea? It just popped into my head yesterday when you mentioned lady bugs. Are you going to have more of these challenges? It’s a very cute idea!

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  2. I made a ladybug family from rocks….that’s about the only ladybug craft! But I love ladybugs! I have a great ladybug idea though, one that hasn’t been thought of.☺️

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  3. Thank you Starr for the nomination! I plan to post my creation on Wednesday. The ladybug challenge inspired me to think outside the box and I think I created a little gem. – Thanks again!! 🙂


  4. It really is! Your ladybug was so beautiful and inspiring. I really enjoyed the idea of creating to the topic, you come up with something you might never have thought of otherwise!

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  5. Thank you for the info! I’d probably have trouble donating pictures too. I don’t know if any picture I take would be that big or clear and sharp enough to suit them. Worth a try though. Have a SUPER GREAT DAY!!!!

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  6. I am seeing a raku lady bug in the future! (with firings and such, I think we won’t see her for a month!) Thanks for including me in this and I love what you did! What a perfect box to upcycle for a pin cushion. I really love the fact the pin cushion had storage too!

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  7. Pixabey is a community of people who share their photos for free – they take donations. You don’t have give attribution to them if you use them on your website or social media and you can add text to them or edit them and there is no cost. Great for bloggers. In exchange you are suppose submit photos for others to use – that’s very important that there is sharing and exchange except I’ve tried doing it and I’ve run into a problem – my pictures always seem to be too small for what they want (they ask it to be size 3000 I think) and when I try to make my pictures bigger they look less clear or stretched – clearly I don’t know what I’m doing so need to learn more. So that’s one of my goals is to contribute pictures back because its such a wonderful thing. Here is the link to it. Picmonkey is one of many available photo editing places you can go. My kids use phone apps but I’m a laptop person so I found pickmonkey because of work. They are adding lots of new things so I”m kind of confused right now because how things are laid out is a bit different then it was but you can adjust exposure, crop, add text and graphics and make collages and FB banners and pinterest templates – all sorts of things. I think it’s about $30 a year but they do have free trials , So I go find a picture and download it from Pixabey (like the ladybug banner) and then I go to pickmonkey and add text and insert the pictures in a template. I barely know what I’m doing so I’m probably not the best person to be giving information but these two sites have given me some tools I never had before that have helped me so much. I hope this helps! Photo editing sites take practice and experimenting for sure – I learn by trial and error so I had to play around a long time to figure some things out and have a long way to go but live and learn right – its what life’s all about!

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  8. Err….thank you! I like to give credit and support to other people, you know, build them up. I’m not one to tear people down. And I really do think your ladybug banner is REALLY GREAT!!!!! So, where are this picmonkey and pixabey you speak of and are they hard to work with? Very curious!


  9. I dont at the moment but if think of something i will. Once the weather is warmer and i can get in the garage i plan to make scrap wood lasy bugs and fish to hide in parks for kids to find (last year a bunch of us did rocks)

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  10. Oh my goodness – you are the kindest person ever and so supportive of getting creative people feeling involved – you are just a great blogger, a SUPER TALENTED crafter and fantastic person. I use picmonkey for picture editing – I only use my laptop so it works good for me. I get free pics at pixabey and they have banners too and then when you go to collage in picmonkey you can play around with it and add text. It took me awhile to figure things out and I still have a lot to learn but slowly I’m starting to figure a few things out.

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  11. love how your lady bug is a functional piece! I love lady bugs, adorable little bugs. I believe it is said if you see one on you it is a sign of good luck!
    I think they should be the official bug of valentines lol

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  12. EXCELLENT LADYBUG CHALLENGE POST!!!!!!!! Your ladybug pincushion turned out really great! Super idea! Your banner looks much better than the one I cobbled together! SUPER, SUPER GREAT JOB!!!!! REALLY IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!!!

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  13. I love your ladybug pin cushion! You are so clever! Thank you for tagging me. I’ll make this the first craft session with my girls when I get back home next month.

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  14. Oh it’s adorable! 🙂
    Thank you for tagging me – I’ll follow your suggestion and have a digital take at this project next time I take the drawing tablet out ^^

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  15. Your ladybug is such a clever idea, both inside and out. Seamstresses everywhere will be lining up to order one. It’s so cute!

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