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Rockin Fun With Pebble Art Game

While sitting on the edge of a beautiful creek in the Rocky Mountains I found myself picking out a few pebbles with the intent of making a memento of the trip. When I got home, I pulled the 10 or so rocks from my pocket and set to work trying to see what I could make with them. To my surprise I found I had a lot of fun using the same handful of pebbles to make a variety of different pictures. Its more challenging than you think and much more fun than a puzzle!

This would be a great activity for all ages and would work great for kids on a trip so get out there and see what you can come up with. Once I select my favorite of the three I will adhere them within a black block frame and will have a wonderful memory of a quick road trip and a sunny afternoon by a mountain creek.

Rock Pictures
 Rock Game great for camping! Each person collects a handful of pebbles or small rocks. Make a pile and see who can make the most picture.

My first picture is titled “Sweet Hearts” My favorite element of this one is the pony-tail.

Sweet Hearts

My second picture is the “Hiker”  This one was fun. I liked being able to find a way to create a sense of up hill motion by adding the rock beneath him.


The third picture is the “Stone Dragonfly” The wings don’t all match because I’m working with what I have verses finding what I need but the over-all impression is still there.


Pebble Art PicMonkey
Pebble Art

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