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A Mysterious Shell With Ancient Script

Have you ever discovered a treasure or sought to solve a mystery? Well this wonderful little discovery is a mystery waiting to be solved. I have a box of shells that I use for crafts, some are from the west coast, others I purchased at garage sales and yet others from bags of shells from… Continue reading A Mysterious Shell With Ancient Script

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Easy & Beautiful DIY Sun-catcher

I picked up some plastic hearts and heart shaped bracelets at the Dollar Tree and placed them on a metal cookie sheet covered in foil. Next I put them in an oven pre-heated to 350 for about 4 minutes. Watch carefully and remove when the plastic begins to melt and fuse together. I tried it… Continue reading Easy & Beautiful DIY Sun-catcher

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A Little Bit of This & Little Bit of That

It's been awhile since I've blogged and I've missed the WordPress community and all the wonderful blogs written by all of you. Where have I been? Back in time! I suddenly felt inspired to return to my research and writing on historical Calgary and when the inspiration hits me, I run with it. I had… Continue reading A Little Bit of This & Little Bit of That

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Puppy Cuteness: Henry’s Toy Tip!

Our little two year old Henry (half Chihuahua and half Terrier) loves to play with stuffed animals, well, by play I mean rip their little stuffie guts out. We initially spent a lot of money on dog toys, many which he didn't play with. It was evident that stuffed animals were his favs, but buying… Continue reading Puppy Cuteness: Henry’s Toy Tip!

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A Note Worthy DIY Project

Project Contributor Lulu Spencer Are you one of those people that likes to have notepads or notebooks for your to-do list? Despite the convenience of notes on our phones there are still the diehards like myself that prefer a real note pads when it comes to staying organized. A week or so ago I was… Continue reading A Note Worthy DIY Project

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Frozen Watermelon and Peach Slushie

Did you know you can freeze watermelon? I buy it on sale in the summer and chop it up and put it into freezer bags. It blends down to the perfect consistency in the blender so no ice needed! This quick and easy to make delicious Slushie is always a hit and you don't have… Continue reading Frozen Watermelon and Peach Slushie

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Quick and Easy Pickled Bell Peppers

Pickled Bell Peppers are my fav! This simple recipe is quick and easy so you can make these and enjoy them the same day or store them in the fridge for a several weeks. They taste amazing and make a great side dish, add to salads, pizza, enchiladas or your favorite recipes or just snack! No matter how you eat them, these pickled peppers are delicious. The rich vibrant colors are always a great addition to a dinner table or for plating.

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Whale Rock Art: Embracing Nature’s Inspirations

Guest Blogger Tracy Bassett There is something magical about Vancouver Island with the spectacular views, old growth forests, wildlife, mountains and ocean. Everywhere I go, there are artisans and crafters making beautiful things and embracing natures elements in creative ways. It's impossible to not be inspired and it wasn't long before I caught the creative… Continue reading Whale Rock Art: Embracing Nature’s Inspirations

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Baby Blanket With Polar Bear Appliques

Who doesn't appreciate receiving a hand made gift for their little one? With these easy to follow steps you can make a unique and beautiful baby blanket like this one by Lulu Spencer and it's sure to be a hit with mom and baby alike.

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Rockin Fun With Pebble Art Game

While sitting on the edge of a beautiful creek in the Rocky Mountains I found myself picking out a few pebbles with the intent of making a memento of the trip. When I got home, I pulled the 10 or so rocks from my pocket and set to work trying to see what I could… Continue reading Rockin Fun With Pebble Art Game

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DIY Lily Fairy

This once abandoned doll turned beautiful flower fairy is a great addition to any flower-pot! This past Easter, I wanted to come up with a special gift for my daughter who is both hosting an Easter brunch and just happens to be a fan of Lilies and Fairies. Using a silk lily and 5 "… Continue reading DIY Lily Fairy

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Miniature Doll House Transformed Into A Rustic Fishing Lodge

A friend of mine asked if I would be able to convert her old doll house into something that her son might enjoy. It had been a cherished childhood gift and it was evident that in its current state, it was not of any interest to her little boy. After some consideration, I decided to… Continue reading Miniature Doll House Transformed Into A Rustic Fishing Lodge