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Quick and Easy Pickled Bell Peppers

Pickled Bell Peppers are my fav! This simple recipe is quick and easy so you can make these and enjoy them the same day or store them in the fridge for several weeks. They taste amazing and make a great side dish or add them to salads, pizza, enchiladas or any of your favorite recipes. No matter how you eat them, these pickled peppers are delicious. The rich vibrant colors are always a great addition to a dinner table or for plating.

Quick Easy Pickled Bell Peppers #pickled #bellpepers #easy #recipe #red #orange #yellow

Just as an interesting note while we’re on the topic of Bell Peppers, I thought I’d include an Excerpt from an Expert

· For starters, all the colors come from the same plant — a red bell pepper is the mature version of a green bell, and orange and yellow versions fall in between.

· Red peppers contain nine times more beta-carotene than green bell peppers and twice the amount of vitamin C, but a serving of green peppers still provides over 200 percent of your suggested daily intake of Vitamin C. (Visit their site for more nutritional information)
The Science Explorer Do You Know the Real Difference Between Red and Green Peppers? March 14, 2016 | Reece Alvarez


· 3 Bell Peppers (colors of your choice)

Quick Easy Pickled Bell Peppers #pickled #bellpepers #easy #recipe #red #orange #yellow

· 2 cups white vinegar

· 2 cups sugar (Use 1 cup if you want it less sweet)

· 1 teaspoons salt (ideally canning salt)

· (2 cups water optional if you want less of a tangy vinegar flavor)

Recipe Directions

1 Run the jars and lids through a dishwasher cycle first or submerse them in boiling water for 5 minutes.

2 Wash the peppers under cold water

Quick Easy Pickled Bell Peppers #pickled #bellpepers #easy #recipe #red #orange #yellow

3. Cut pepers into strips

Quick Easy Pickled Bell Peppers #pickled #bellpepers #easy #recipe #red #orange #yellow

4 Boil vinegar, sugar, salt (and water if you choose to add it)

5 Fill the jar with pepper slices

Quick Easy Pickled Bell Peppers #pickled #bellpepers #easy #recipe #red #orange #yellow

5 Pour liquid over peppers until ½ inch from the top of the rim

(no picture because I was busy pouring the pickling liquid into the jars with a soup ladle) 

6 Put the lids on making sure to only hold the outer edges of the seal, tighten and let cool. Keep refrigerated

Quick Easy Pickled Bell Peppers #pickled #bellpepers #easy #recipe #red #orange #yellow

It’s important to note that this is not a canning recipe. Canned peppers are preserved and can last for up to two years versus pickled peppers like these which should stay refrigerated and eaten within two to three weeks.

Quick Easy Pickled Bell Peppers #pickled #bellpepers #easy #recipe #red #orange #yellow

You can use this same recipe for cauliflower and purple onions too!

It took about 20 minute to make these

Menu Ideas With Pickled Peppers
Chop up and add to Salads
Use as a side dish with Chicken, Pork or Beef
Use in a Stir-Fry
They make a delicious snack
Chop and sprinkle in Omelets
Chop and add to Rice
Chop and add to Pizza
Use them as a Hamburger topper
Use in Salsa or Enchiladas
Add to any recipe you typically use fresh peppers in – they are like an explosion of flavor!

What’s your favorite recipe that has Bell Peppers?

14 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Pickled Bell Peppers”

  1. I was the same way, I so get that. I had to eat these at an in-laws to be polite and was shocked that I loved them. They don’t taste anything like you think they will – they’re weirdly really good! 🙂

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  2. My husband is going to love this, I will have to share with him later. He is trying to grow a vegetable garden right now. We only have a few things right now we are trying to start growing but hopefully we will have bell peppers in our garden in the future. Thanks for the recipe.


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