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Adorable Easter Bunny Free Pattern

There are so many wonderful variation of the Easter Bunny but this little bunny is just too cute. Lulu Spencer was kind enough to once again be a contributor and share her Easter Bunny free pattern. When I first saw the picture of her Easter Bunny my heart melted. There is something so innocent and endearing in that peaceful embroidered expression and those soft, floppy ears are just adorable.

This bunny is a great option for younger children – there are no buttons or adornments and it has no tail so when toddler take it to bed there is nothing small enough to cause a baby or small child to choke that might come detached if not sewn on correctly and nothing lumpy to fall asleep on. Now that being said, I think anyone of any age would love a little Lulu Bunny at Easter!

In the picture below  is the same Easter Bunny, but in grey. She made this one for her grandson and it was a huge hit! Kids can snuggle up to this Easter Bunny all year long. If you have a little someone special who likes to sew or would like to learn to sew with you, this would be a perfect project this Easter weekend  or there’s still time to make a special surprise Easter Bunny for the basket! If your little one has some favorite pajamas or  soft flannel or fleece clothing item they love but are outgrowing, consider reusing the fabric and turning it into a hug-able, love-able Easter Bunny.

Can’t you just see a little child dragging this bunny off to bed by the ear and then sleeping with it tucked into the blankets like a trusted friend. One can almost imagine it a few years down the road flattened like a pancake from being slept on, worn and tattered, but still well loved, eventually to be set aside but never forgotten. As a grand mother I know how these these things go and it is those very things that we mothers and grandmothers tuck away in a box to pull out to hold ourselves years later when the children are all grown and gone. Something tells me this Easter Bunny has the makings for a lifetime of memories!

Easter Bunny 8

Easter Bunny Instructions and Pattern by Lulu Spencer

Big thanks again to Lulu Spencer for sharing this wonderful Easter Bunny project!
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12 thoughts on “Adorable Easter Bunny Free Pattern”

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  2. I’m so thrilled that you like the rabbit. Young mums are going back to handmade non-plastic toys these days. I hope you make one and show us your version.

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  3. Great to hear you’re going to give it a try. She’ll be so happy to hear this. She always has lovely projects – I was sure happy she shared this little guy!


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