Easy, No-Sew DIY Barbie Doll Couch

DIY No Sew Barbie Doll Couch or Sofas and Up-cycled Coffee Table #Zebraprint #nosew #barbiedoll #furniture #sofa #couch #coffee table #up-cycle #reuse #toys

If you can cut out some cardboard, glue fabric to it and fold – you will enjoy making these easy and  beautiful Barbie sofas! I was inspired to try this project after watching a video tutorial from My Froggy Stuff  With some cardboard, glue, stuffing, ribbon and  a small amount of left over fabric,  I was able to make these fun and fab Barbie doll sofa’s with minimal cost or time. Make sure to read my Tips List at the bottom to help ensure your success, then get started designing the sofa of your Barbie’s dreams!

Once  you have watched the tutorial and know how to make the basic structure; get creative and incorporate a few of  your own personal touches. I added legs to the sofa by gluing on large beads. I used a  piece of an old black leather jacket belt for trim around the base, it adds an elegant touch and enhances the over-all  stability of the design. The cushions were also an easy accessory to make. The black leather cushions below are left over pieces of the belt  folded over and glued together with a  few stick-on gems for a bit of bling. The best thing about using a belt is the typically have nicely sewn and finished edges so when you glue them to the furniture, it appears as if they have been sewn in place.  The tutorial suggested using a towel for padding but I re-used a bit of stuffing from an old cushion but anything soft will work.

DIY Barbie Doll Couch/Sofa in purple and black zebra print and faux leather accents and coffee table made with up-cycled napkin holders. DIY No Sew Barbie Doll Couch or Sofas and Up-cycled Coffee Table #Zebraprint #nosew #barbiedoll #furniture #sofa #couch #coffee table

Have you noticed the coffee table? It’s made from two retro napkin holders I found in a thrift shop. Simply glue them together and you have a modern and stylish coffee table.

Tip List
You can easily modify the template from  the video tutorial My Froggy Stuff – How to Make a Doll Sofa 2 to fit any size of doll and can make a couch, chair or loves seat by varying the dimensions of the cardboard template.
– In the tutorial she uses the doll to eye-ball the measurements and then free hand draws lines across the cardboard where she wants  to fold it.  I decided to measured  and use a ruler to draw an accurate template, this helps ensure the folds are even and is great to have for reference if I want to make more in the future. 

– I tried these sofa’s with variations of cardboard from thin to thicker and I found the medium weight worked best; too thin and its flimsy, too thick and its hard to get nice folds.

This DIY No-Sew sofa was a bit different. It was a wooden condiment or spice rack. For the sofa I started by gluing fabric to the wooden bars across the front. Next, I cut up a green faux leather purse and wrapped a piece around foam and tucked it in for a leather seat cushion. For the sofa arms and backrest, I glued some pillow stuffing to cardboard and covered it in fabric and glued it on front and back and inside and outside of both arms and then used a thin strap of leather from the same purse to cover the seams where the pieces are glued on.

DIY Barbie Doll Couch/Sofa in colorful pink, purple, green, blue print and faux leather accents and coffee table made with up-cycled napkin holders. DIY No Sew Barbie Doll Couch or Sofas and Up-cycled Coffee Table #multicolored #handmade #upcycledspicerack #barbiedoll #furniture #sofa #couch #coffee table

Did you notice the side tables? They are drawers from a childs jewellery box.

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7 thoughts on “Easy, No-Sew DIY Barbie Doll Couch”

  1. I haven’t got anyone to make a Barbie doll couch for, but it looks great. 🙂
    Thanks for following my blog, which is appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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