25 Creative Ways to Add Color to Your Outdoor Space

I love earthy tones but who says bright colors can’t be considered earthy too? Vibrant colors are found throughout nature in rocks and gems, flowers, fruit & berries, seashells and sunsets to name just a few and there are lots of great ways to incorporate them when you’re decorating your patio or yard. Here are 25 Creative Ways to Add More Color to Your Outdoor Space!

Benches and Fences are a great way to introduce some color!

Flower Pots and Window Boxes are the ideal opportunity to add a splash of color and that’s in addition to the flowers themselves.

Hand Painted Table Top, Colorful Snack Platter and Striped Indoor/Outdoor Rug
This is one of my projects from 8 DIY Patio Accents That Will Make You Say “I Want!”
I painted an old table blue and then stamped it with a Mediterranean pattern stamp dipped in white paint. I applied the stamping before the blue was completely dry to give it a bit of worn or faded look and the spayed three coats of Modpodge Outdoor protective finish coat.

An Outdoor Patio Door Mat, Baskets and a Throw Blanket
Isn’t this mat adorable. I love flip-flops, I may just try painting my own mat! Baskets are also a great option for some added color and a throw blanket of any color will liven things up.

Patio and Yard Furniture
From the types of chairs or patio set to the number and color of cushions, seating is your big opportunity to show case some color.

Windows, Shutter and Doors
There is something so warm and inviting about a home with a bright door or painted window panes and shutters!

Bird Baths and Bird Houses
This is maybe one of the best ways to introduce some vibrant color and it’s useful too! This is one of my own Bird Baths from my blog DIY Bird Bath From Repurposed Vase and Plate
This DIY Purple Bird Bath is made from a vase and platter and the mosaic base sheds a spectrum of light around the deck in the sun. I hate to report that since making it, I broke it! I was taking it out of the basement where it was stored over winter and I knocked it over on the cement. It was a sad moment as it was my all time favorite piece. The colorful bird houses are cheerful and just one more great way to introduce color to your outdoor space. Check out more of my DIY Bird Baths here.

Lawn Ornaments and Chimes
When it comes to colorful lawn ornaments and chimes there are endless possibilities to choose from. Quick note about chimes. Check with your neighbors first. Some people suffer from extreme head-aches from the ongoing but somewhat erratic sound; they’re not for everyone and many people are easily annoyed by them so I’m just going to ‘chime’ in on this point and remind everyone to be a considerate neighbor.

Painted Mail Box
These are some pretty cute mailboxes! It’s just one more option to add to your arsenal of colorful decorating options.

Lighting, Lanterns and Candles
Let there be light! Try incorporating some bright colored lanterns, candles and patio lights to brighten things up.

Painted Wall Mural
Isn’t this the cutest mural ever! I really like how the cheerful, whimsical and bright flamingo. It adds the perfect splash of color to an otherwise dull and uninteresting white exterior wall. Hopefully this guy doesn’t leave any foot prints on those beautiful cushions!

Hand Painted Garbage Can and Fence
Here is the perfect opportunity to get your kids in on the decorating fun! I’m not sure your neighbors would fully appreciate the art, but if kids had a section of a side of fence facing into their yard I could see them getting colorfully creative.

Garden Tools and Equipment
Let’s face it, you need lawn mowers and so forth if you have a yard so why not use this opportunity to add some vibrancy to your yard with colorful tools and equipment.

Dog House or Rabbit Hutch
Do you have a pet home in your yard? Does it add to the beauty of the space? If not, why not paint it!

So remember, you aren’t just limited to flowers to add vibrant color to your yard and patio, there are plenty of ways to brighten things up.

Thank-you to Pixabey sharing community for use of photos.